Clean – Thankful Thursday

Bleach. I am grateful for bleach. I won’t go into why, just know that I am extremely grateful for bleach.

Please check out the original Thankful Thursday. (I will update this link at some point, though I’m sure everyone knows that it will be quite a long while until that actually happens, because life likes to happen, okay?)


Werewolf’s Clothing

To tell the truth, I don’t how you do it.
All ironed fresh and clean looking,
Let you wear it or hold it for several seconds.
Eventually, (in the first two seconds)
Now it’s wrinkled and covered in dust.
Talent, my boy, you have it, must.

Written in honor of my eldest nephew, who puts on clean, ironed clothing, walks across the living room and suddenly, like a werewolf’s transformation (but only in clothing) he’s dusty and wrinkled. I have no idea how he manages to do that.

House Elves – Day Two

Have you heard those little feet
Out and about in your home?
Unstable legs that easirly give way
Slipping sideways with arms all full?
Every place I’ve lived has had a few, at least.
Every day I watch them scurry about,
Little people with only stocking on.
Various years and different homes
Even staying in a few two room places.
Still those little elves will come and tidy up my spaces.

Written for the second day of NaPoWriMo:

Whenever I look up old stories about house elves, elves that sneak into your house at night and clean things (not the ones in the Harry Potter books, though, no slavery) the cleaners remind me of when I was little and my siblings and I were in charge of the housework. Later, my sister’s kids took over housework when they were old enough to help. (The age gap between me and my eldest niece and nephews is about the same between my eldest sibling and my youngest sibling; so I was still barely a teenager when my sister had her kids.)

Of course unlike the story, if you give these little elves clothing they won’t stop cleaning. They will stop cleaning if you give them too much sugar. House Elves aren’t very focused when under the influence of too much sugar.