100 Year Flood

The flooding in Colorado just keeps getting worse and worse as the week goes on. It doesn’t look like the flooding is going to end ¬†with the week, though. There’s more rain expected throughout today and tomorrow.

If you’ve been following the news on it like I have, then you’ll know that the death count was upped to 4 this morning and that there are still something like 172 people unaccounted for. Roads have collapsed, bridges washed out and entire towns submerged in muddy water.

But there is hope.

People are being rescued by helicopter, boat and truck. Supplies are being dropped for those that have to wait their turn to be taken to safety. People are safely removed from cars and trucks that have tumbled into gaps in the road caused by water saturation in the ground. Those who need water have ways of boiling their water so that it is safe, even if they don’t have power and probably haven’t had it since Wednesday or Thursday.

Colorado hasn’t had a flood this bad since the 1970’s and even that flood wasn’t as all-encompassing as this one that seems to slowly be devouring the state, county by county. But these are also people who aren’t going to give up just because things are rough.

It may take months to rebuild everything lost in this flood, but the point is, that people are going to rebuild in the first place.

They haven’t given up hope.