The Roar of the Wind

Sometimes she misses what the world was like before the Industrial Revolution. The wide open places that weren’t quite settled yet, the roar of the wind across the empty plains. The sounds of the animals as they wandered about their own habitats soothing in a way that the bustle of human beings could quite bring.

The fact that she hadn’t even known the word ‘habitat’ before the world began to fill with humanity is a good indicator of just how much time she spent around intellectuals.

Comet had spent quite a bit of time around intellectuals; she’d always had a thirst to know more about the humans that they superficially resembled than Star. Star had enjoyed looking at everything that had changed and grown without the aid of human hands.

She didn’t do it often, the best way to truly appreciate the passage of time was to let it happen without being watched she’d found. But when she did take decades out of their lives to travel just to look at the natural world around them, she loved the roar of the wind as it blew through and around everything that was laid before her the most.

Doesn’t Fix Everything

Because love doesn’t fix everything and that’s okay, too. —anonymous


It had started simple. He’d just wanted to learn more about why they were even running around for so long. It’s not like he’d been born and then left to wander the same way that his cousins were and he hadn’t been sealed away like his father had been. One moment he hadn’t been there and then he was. He had no idea where he’d come from and if it hadn’t been for the DNA testing done by Amy then he’d have never even realized that the angry blonde they’d had skirmishes with was even his father.

The point was that Neal was curious about his own place in their group and where he had even come from. It’s not like Jade had anyone that he was lovey-dovey with from the other side so whoever Neal’s other parent was, was a mystery.

He never expected to find out what he did.

While he never did find out who his own mother was, he found something different. Something about Star and Comet, about where they had come from.

They were both what they fought.

The Chaos-souled.

How he found out didn’t end up being something that he shared with anyone. In fact, he was extra secretive about it as if the source would make everyone doubt the validity of the information he’d found. And they would have questioned it, would have likely not done the follow-up to discover the truth.

Star and Comet are Chaos-souled, the very things that they fight and kill and destroy.

(Because killing something doesn’t destroy it, merely set it aside for however long it takes to reform again.)

All of the love and care that their companions had for them did not change this fact nor did it tell them how to handle this horrible truth.

Cold From Lack of Stars

It was cold.

Of course it was cold. They were in the middle of the New York City during one of the worst winters on record, of course it was cold!

The point was that they actually felt cold.

Maybe it was the fact that for the first time, they couldn’t see any stars shining through the thick pollution clouding the sky. It wasn’t just the smog coming from all the cars or even from the smoke stacks. It was the light pollution that stunned them.

Maybe this industrial revolution that the former colonies (as they had heard the new country referred to) wasn’t going to be as great as people seemed to think. They certainly didn’t understand much about what was happening, just that they couldn’t see the stars while staying in any of the major cities anymore.

Maybe it was time to see what life was like out West, they’d heard that it was always warm out there and if they could see the stars out at night then they wouldn’t feel so small and cut off from the rest of the world.

They wouldn’t be so cold.

It’s the Little Moments – SoC

In the beginning there was darkness.

And then there was light.

Slowly, but surely there was order ascribed to the chaos that had existed before.

Because nothing can be made from nothing. Everything had to come from something even if that something was not understandable in a way that those that would come after could comprehend.

“Is this going anywhere?”

“Hush, I’m trying to teach something to our charges.”

“This sounds like it’s going over the head of a bunch of two-year-olds and a five month baby.”

“Comet, you are ruining the mood! I was going for seriousness here!”

“Sister, they fell asleep before you started…”

“That is hardly the most important point!”

The two, eons old though they may be, continued their argument as quietly as possible lest they wake the children they were watching.

This little bit was inspired by this weekend’s Stream of Consciousness prompt and a little bit about what life was like before the Galactic War.

Sisters’ Thoughts – Poetry Prompt #20


Inspired by this week’s Poetry Prompt from WeDrink. This universe likes to give me material to write with, whether it be poetry or prose.


Waiting – Traces Prompt #7

She’d been waiting forever, it seemed.

(It really had been forever as far as others were concerned. There are few people who’ve seen the rise and fall of civilizations like Rome and the Mayans; the rise and fall of empires across the globe.)

She hadn’t been alone, and thank heavens for that.

(There have been others, others that they met, that had been alone for far too long. They’d had to ‘put them down’ and that hadn’t been enjoyable.

Killing someone that was more like you than just about anyone or anything else was never pleasant.)

Waiting for someone, something, to come about.

It had been a very long wait, but it had been worth it.

That is what Comet, as she was now known as, told herself as she defended the Royal Nursery from the Enemy. She wasn’t going to let her queen down.

(Even if it meant waiting longer with only half a mind to work with. At least she’d never be waiting alone.)

(Star hadn’t realized what she’d felt until too late, but she had never left her other half alone in all their waiting; she wasn’t very well going to abandon her sister now.)

(No one wanted to wait alone.)

Written for last week’s Traces Prompt:

Sorry this is late again, Olianna!

Solemn Rejoicing

image: Lyssa Medana

Star watched as the fireworks went off and the people cheered.

The Galactic Chaos War was over.

The troops were all home, the dead were buried, though they were likely still being mourned by all (the number of dead on both sides was too prolific for anyone to be through mourning already) but the pain and sorrow had been set aside by almost all in order to celebrate the ending of the war. Children ran about, bright eyed and with grins splashed across their faces; the thinness of the faces and the worn-out look of their clothes was ignored. The adults smiled and watched, some of them joining the children; the tired set to their shoulders and the darkness around their eyes also not being made note of.

“You are not happy.”

Star said nothing, did not look over to Solaris as the woman moved into the shadows with her Guardian.

Solaris sighed, her eyes sad as they moved from the rejoicing crowd to one of her oldest friends.

“She would not want you to mourn her.”

Star still said nothing, her eyes facing forward but not really seeing the people in front of her, though her eyes continued to remain alert for any danger.

A part of Solaris wondered how her young-looking friend was able to pull that off; the rest of her figured that it was a skill Star had learned during her very long life.

Solaris had only really known Star for a seemingly small amount of time in comparison to how long Star had  existed. During that time, Star had very rarely been this solemn. She was only ever solemn like this when she was thinking about something that in some way related to Comet.

Solaris had no siblings, not blood siblings anyway; she and Serenity were sort of siblings even if they were not actually related and she knew that if anything ever happened to Serenity…

Solaris would never really recover from it.

So she did not push her Guardian, just stood next to her in a show of comfort and support as they watched the people rejoice below.

Written for Light and Shade’s Monday Challenge:

Dear Sister Mine – Poetry Prompt #14

Dear Sister mine,
I wonder how you are.
It’s been so long
Since I’ve seen you,
I’ve forgotten who you are.
Dear Sister mine,
I often find
I don’t know where I am.
I’m lost at home
And wonder where’s the jam?
Dear Sister mine,
My thoughts are gone,
I never know what’s next.
With memories shifting place
Nothing remains the shape.
Dear Sister mine,
I miss you so,
When will you come by next?
The days are long
While you are gone
And I am here alone.
Dear Sister mine,
This letter is long,
I must end it now soon.
Without you here
I’ll disappear
And see you ne’er again.
Dear Sister mine,
This is the end,
I have no more to give.
I’ve lost all I had
Without you near.
Goodbye, my darling dear.

Written for this week’s WeDrink Poetry Prompt:

This is also a letter from Comet to her sister Star before Comet is sent away.

Life Will Happen

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought it’d be done.

Thought it’ll be over soon.

Thought wrong.

Life has a way of just happening.

Of just coming along and throwing a spanner into the gears.

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought it was just a moment’s delay.

Thought ‘I’ll be out of here.’

Thought wrong.

Thought it would be over soon.

Through fire and ice and the loneliness of time I have survived.

Thought this would be no different.

Thought wrong.

Life happens a lot.

It happens more than people will think.

It happens more than they will admit.

But it still happens.

All the platitudes and all the attitudes don’t make any difference.

Most of the time.

There will be times when there is nothing you can do.

You will watch and know that you are powerless to stop anything from happening.

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought ‘I’m almost at the end.’

Thought wrong.

Written in part because it wouldn’t get out of my head whenever I think about this one particular part in the Former Guardian series, the part right before Comet is sent to another world entirely by her sister and in part because when I saw the prompt for the Daily Post today ( it all just came out of my fingers.

At least now I can maybe work on something else…

Doubts of the Enemy Seep Through

It wasn’t until long after her sister was gone that she realized the fighting wasn’t truly over.

“There’s been another attack!”

“But all of the Enemy is gone!”

“How is this possible?!”

The fears and doubts started coming out as people turned and remembered that she had been the one to send away on of the better defenses they’d ever had.

It didn’t take much more to remember that she was more closely related to the Enemy than she was to any of her allies.

“We never should have sent Comet away!”

“With another anchor for a chaos-souled gone, how soon would Star turn against us?”

“We should be more careful around her…”

Their whispers were never more than murmurs when she was around and they would sometimes stop talking at all should she enter the room. Their eyes ever watchful as if they were waiting for some sign that she was the reason behind the renewed attacks.

The only solace was the fact that her Princess would hear nothing against her.

“Star could no sooner turn traitor than I.” Solaris would say to any who brought forth concerns and doubts over Star’s loyalties.

“But, you Majesty, she is a chaos-souled-”

“And yet she has never taken any action save for our lives to be prolonged, nor has she ever spared any of the Enemy save they have truly turned aside from their born task to destroy.”

“Princess, that is not the poi-”

The arguer cut themselves off as soon as Star entered the room. His watchful eyes shadowed as he met her eyes, but saying nothing more.

Solaris didn’t like that.

“If you can bring your doubts and concerns to me in person instead of by message like so many others,” she reprimanded sternly, “Then you can certainly say it in front of the person you are accusing! I will not have falseness within my Court and certainly not right in front of my face!”

Her voice did not raise in volume, but the extent of her disappointment and disapproval with this course of action. Solaris did not approve of this kind of backstabbing even if there was no actual actions save for verbally. If you had a problem with someone, you take it up with them, in private, and work it out. You didn’t slink around it and talk badly about that person behind their back and you most certainly would treat them with the common courtesy that all deserved.

Solaris even allowed the fallen Enemy its due courtesy. This was one of the reasons that even their Enemy had respected Solaris.

Written after reading this Monday’s Light and Shade Challenge:

I actually remembered that there was a word limit on this prompt!