Dungeons – Thankful Thursday

So around the New Year, my eldest nephew asked if we could hold weekly Dungeons and Dragons games as a family. He very rarely ever asks to do anything as a family even once every few months, let alone something that would be a weekly occurrence. My sister immediately agreed and so since then, each week my sister, her three teenagers and myself meet to play Dungeons and Dragons at our kitchen table. We have three players (my sister and her two sons) and two Dungeon Masters (my niece and myself).

Why have two DMs, you may ask?

Well, my niece isn’t fond of D&D when as a player, but didn’t want to be the normal DM. I love creating stories and adventures, but sometimes can’t talk for hours at a time or other difficulties pop up. So my niece is my assistant and we pretty much split the world we’re using. If it takes place in one of my countries, I’m main DM (barring physical difficulties). If it’s in one of my niece’s countries, she’s the main DM.

Regardless, we all still have to be at the table each week and take part in the game.

As a result, everyone’s gotten better at communicating throughout the week because we have to get along to a certain degree or the D&D session comes to a quick end no matter what.

So I’m thankful for my nephew’s idea of playing Dungeons and Dragons as a family, because we’re all learning how to communicate better and are closer as a family.



But he always comes to me
And demands what he wants, you see
Remembering that I have sway
Knowing the kids are a call away

So my dog is aware that I can’t get up as often lately (health just plummeted) but he also knows that I’m a lot faster at getting the kids to do something that he needs or wants than if he went to the kids by himself. So Vincent will come and bark at me the different barks he has for when he needs food, water, or to go outside.

Or if he wants to cuddle, but not with me for some reason.

Listen, Hear My Words

So I sit and don’t say a word
Perhaps because I have no room
Even to answer a simple questions
Although I do not feel distressed
Keeping in mind there’s more to a conversation than just words.
There is the feel of emotions
Or the turn of a head
My voice is heard
Even as my lips are sealed.

There is a lot more, I have found, to a conversation, no matter the topic, than just the words that are said. I know this because I have hours that sneak up where I cannot talk. Literally. I can picture the words, spell them on a piece of paper, read them, but I cannot get my lips to follow the instructions my brain is sending. Sometimes I can’t read or write or speak. I know some American Sign Language and I know that both my family and I need to learn more because there are increasing times where that is the only way I can communicate.

This was inspired by the Dungeon Prompt: Inner Voice from Sreejit’s rewriting of his prompts. Make sure to read his new one for this prompt as well.