Side Effects

Do we ever think about what we are doing?

What are the possible outcomes of actions that we take?

What is the point of our actions if we are not willing to accept the consequences of them?

Is there a point?


Would it be possible to really do something without the consequences?

Would you even want to try?

Would it be worth it if it meant nothing?

 What if you tried it?

Decided that it didn’t matter

Because if you wanted it to matter

Then you wouldn’t have done it

Or you told yourself that

But only to justify your choice

Because you don’t want to see

That you have chosen what to be

Why do I question?

Why do I care?

Honestly guys

This is just too much to bear

 But I want to know what will happen

Should I choose to something do

When the consequences of my actions

Will instead of on me come down on you

That’s not quite right

Because there will consequences be

I thought that the reason behind the action

Was that there would be nothing to see

Side effects can’t be ignored

They can’t be stopped

If you want to make the actions

The consequences will come


Do or Do Not

“We don’t really have a choice, do we?”

“That is where you are wrong. There is always a choice. The real question is, which ending are you more comfortable with, ethically?”


“You heard me. There is always, always a choice to make. You can let things happen and you can fight against them or you can do something completely different. The point is that there is a choice, especially when it looks like there isn’t.”

“You’re talking crazy! I can’t let him hurt people like that!”

“But you could, you know, it’s a choice you make, even if it’s a choice you made before the question was even asked. The fact that you’ve stayed with that answer instead of looking around for some other way speaks to me of one of at least two things. Number One: you fully believe that this is the way to go, or Number Two: you are too weak or uncreative to find another way.”


“So which consequence would you rather live with?”


Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up. -G. K. Chesterton

Mary knew why it was in place even if no one else did. Her ‘brother’ certainly didn’t know why it was there. He didn’t bother to ask when he put his plans into action to get her to remove it.

She’d like to think that he wouldn’t have done so if he’d known what consequences its destruction would bring.

“Neil, you won’t like what happens should you see this through.”

He’d sneered at her and ignored her wishes, as usual.

He wouldn’t be able to ignore the outcome, no matter how hardheaded he could be.

Written for yesterday’s Light and Shade Friday Challenge:

This also another piece of my Former Guardian timeline that I’ve been slowly working on, but haven’t posted for in recent posts.