Too Many To Add – Traces Prompt #5

Chivalry is dead you say? I’d like to disagree.
Help offered and given when taking groceries out to a car.
I‘ve had a life as a child doorstop only to grow up and see others take over.
Volume lowered when realizing it’s too loud for your neighbors without them even asking.
A lot can happen in a day, of that I’m sure, but seeing one who vowed vengeance turn and ask forgiveness doesn’t really seem absurd.
Lasting peace when there is energy abounding, children try their hardest to not overwhelm the sick.
Real life is hard, it was always supposed to be, but having someone to walk alongside you makes all the difference.
You say that chivalry is dead and yet I see it in the little things all around me.

Not everyone has learned to be kind in the same way, but everyone has that flicker within them to grow and become more than even they would ever imagine.

Written for this week’s Traces Prompt:

There were too many examples that I could think of for this prompt so I went with my favorite method, the acrostic poem and named a few. There is just as much kindness in this world as there is cruelty, but there have been moments of chivalry even amongst those who seem to have none of the former and too much of the latter.