Sometimes I wonder just how we got here, after all it’s not like we were here in the first place. This planet is so green and blue, like a multi-colored marble full of life that doesn’t seem to exist on other planets.

I know that we are from somewhere else, because there is nothing to show that we were here for the same extended length of time as the other more natural species that we’ve carefully catalogued. There is evidence of other sentient life-forms on this planet, but wherever they are at this point in time is unknown to us. The cities that were here before us are large and grand looking even with the damage that time and weather has done, but they are empty of any sentient life.

I wish, more than anything sometimes it seems, that I knew just how we got here. It drives me mad even as I’m directed to another site to excavate and learn about the native species that once lived here. I will find the answer to my question (how did we get here? Where did the natives go?) Someday and I will not rest until I do.

Yeah…I have no idea where this story came from. It just popped out of my fingers and onto the keyboard.