I Didn’t Even Know Him That Well

How can I look back without remembering that day?
Of when you sat back to back and helped me on my way?
Please, I pray that you have found peace,
Even now, I wonder, do you look down on our lease…
So I must go on and never forget,
Quietly in my heart, the change that you brought, yet
Until I can see your smiling face
And know that you have once more found your place.
Don’t give up, because you are not alone, lost in space.

This is dedicated to those who died in my high school senior year. I was thinking over it and I was reminded of one of the boys who committed suicide that year. He helped me during a time of need when I didn’t even know who he was. I still didn’t really know him when he died, but even then I could feel his loss.

If he could effect someone who he didn’t even really know, I pray that those who were close have found comfort throughout the years.

During the school year of 2005-2006, my high school had five students die. Of those five, two were suicide, two were complications from surgery and one was a heart attack from a boy who had the heart of a 40-year-old at the age of 18. The following year, I have found, a new program was created for my alumni. It was called the Hope Squad and, I hope, is still running today to help the students, the teens, as they work through this part of their lives so that they can continue to the chapters of adulthood.


All In A Day’s Work

May 10th…
There is a lot that can happen in a day:
For some it’s Mother’s Day early!
For others it’s a day to remember the fallen,
When Scotland recognized Kind Edward I,
When the infamous Tea Act was passed!
When France gained a new king and queen,
When the Rebels gained fort Ticonderoga,
Wedding of the Rails, World’s First Transcontinental Railroad!
So much that can happen, 
Many big things and small…
Somethings may succeed
While others will fall:
First woman nominated for U.S. President,
Books burned in World War II,
A parachutist drops in to try and negotiate the end of WWII.
Still others give us nothing but hope!
Showing the world that we can more than cope:
South Africa inaugurates Nelson Mandela,
One World Trade Center stands proud and tall,
Iconic Bruce Banner makes his debut,
National Gallery in London publicly opens,
Mother’s Day observed for the first time in the U.S.
So many things can happen,
A life can begin,
A life can end,
Whoever it is
And whatever they do,
Remember that it all begins,
With one day…

Written when I became curious about what Wikipedia would bring up when I typed in ‘May 10.’ It was a surprising read through and I only skimmed a little of what has happened today in the past.

What happened?

There weren’t a lot of people around anymore.

No one was really sure when it had happened, but one day there were no more people who’d made it even half-way through puberty. There were plenty of small children and babies all around, but with no one to care for them, many died. Not all of them, as others found them or were older siblings and thus able to care for them.

Most monetary items lost their value while others suddenly became of vital importance. After all, what children wanted most or needed most was different to what adults wanted or needed.

Still, many died and there were years of anarchy ahead of them, but if humanity had learned anything, even very young humans, it was to persevere through all odds. Some would survive and from that some, generations more would be born.

Many feared what would happen to them once they reached the age of 16 as anyone that age and older had vanished that one strange morning, but as time went on and those who turned 16 stayed alive to turn 17 and 18 and all of the ages above, that fear was forgotten and laid aside like so many other fears throughout the ages of humanity.

“Did anyone ever find out what happened?” a small girl with frizzy hair asked.

The elderly woman in front of her smiled sadly, “No, my child, we never did, Perhaps you might find the truth of it someday.”

Written for the Multiverse challenge of Youngsville: http://multiversechallenge.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/multiverse-fiction-challenge-may-1-2014/

Three Years

Three years,

A lot can happen in three years:

I’ve seen two more children born to one sister.

I’ve seen one wedding being put together in three months.

I’ve been to two funerals and had to send condolences to another.

I’ve been to four graduations and sent congrats to another.

I’ve found my footing when I’d been homebound for almost five years.

I’ve found peace where previously all I knew was anger.

I’ve seen a family fall apart and then come back together.

I’ve seen strangers turn away the sick and then others welcome the homeless.

People have died,

People have lived.

Lives have been lost,

Lives have been found.

The news has been all over the place:

Storms and hurricanes and cyclones and landslides.

Countries have burned in the fires of revolution;

They have also burned from nature’s wrath, her lightning.

Three years ago, I didn’t know what to do with my life.

I had my family and my friends,

But I didn’t know who I was.

I’m still searching,

But I know which direction to take.

A lot can happen in three years,

And it’s not such a high price to pay.

Written in honor of my third anniversary on WordPress.com.