Too late

Too early

Not enough time

Time enough


Finishing early

Not early enough

Time to rest

Or so I thought


Not able to check in

Counter stopped

Not able to sign off

Frozen without the end




Not this time

Not this year


But I will know

No matter what

The counter says

I will know


So…I did NaNoWriMo this year (like most of my years lately) and I even finished early! (does tiny jig of joy) But I didn’t have access to the internet in order to update the word count or enter in the final numbers before the countdown finished until a week after it was all over. So my official part of the website will show that I almost finished this year and fell short by just a little bit in the crunch time. But I will know that not only did I finish, but that I finished early.

And I thought I would be upset with that, but I find that I’m…not.

I’m not.

(And like all of my posts lately, this was written over a month before it was posted.)


Clouds Rolling

Don’t think about anything

It can’t be because of the mental fugue

Silently wondering when the shadows will pass

Can’t decide which way the winds blowing

Only knowing that everything moves back and forth

Not knowing if it’s even moving, to be honest

Nevermind, thinking about it doesn’t help

Eject one tape and slide in the next

Can’t focus on the film that must be moving

There’s got to be a reason for this feeling.


Found this sitting around in my folders.