Doesn’t Fix Everything

Because love doesn’t fix everything and that’s okay, too. —anonymous


It had started simple. He’d just wanted to learn more about why they were even running around for so long. It’s not like he’d been born and then left to wander the same way that his cousins were and he hadn’t been sealed away like his father had been. One moment he hadn’t been there and then he was. He had no idea where he’d come from and if it hadn’t been for the DNA testing done by Amy then he’d have never even realized that the angry blonde they’d had skirmishes with was even his father.

The point was that Neal was curious about his own place in their group and where he had even come from. It’s not like Jade had anyone that he was lovey-dovey with from the other side so whoever Neal’s other parent was, was a mystery.

He never expected to find out what he did.

While he never did find out who his own mother was, he found something different. Something about Star and Comet, about where they had come from.

They were both what they fought.

The Chaos-souled.

How he found out didn’t end up being something that he shared with anyone. In fact, he was extra secretive about it as if the source would make everyone doubt the validity of the information he’d found. And they would have questioned it, would have likely not done the follow-up to discover the truth.

Star and Comet are Chaos-souled, the very things that they fight and kill and destroy.

(Because killing something doesn’t destroy it, merely set it aside for however long it takes to reform again.)

All of the love and care that their companions had for them did not change this fact nor did it tell them how to handle this horrible truth.