Glimmering Dreams

Out of all of the dreams I had as a child there is really only one thing that has come to pass.

I always wanted to write and have people read my stories.

So thank you, everyone who has ever read any of my work here. You have made a childhood dream come true for me.

Don’t give up
Reality changes faster than you think
Even when you think you’ve lost
All around your dreams have fallen
Most of the shards scattered
So it takes you by surprise when they glitter where they’ve hung all along.

I still love to read and write, but having others read and give me feedback on what I have written has really helped me. Thank you everyone.

This was thought about because of Dungeon Prompt: Childhood Dreams.


Tolerance is a Good Policy – Thankful Thursday

This week I’m grateful for tolerance.

Not something I ever thought would feature largely in my life, but what did I know when I was a kid? Did I know that having cats and dogs in a duplex learn to tolerate one another would be better than them ‘liking’ each other and then playing tricks when I wasn’t looking? Did I know that siblings trying to do housework and listen to what they want to listen to (every day, without counsel with the other two) on the radio/c.d. player would need to tolerate one another? Did I know that learning to tolerate my sister when she wakes me up early to play a game when I was having the best dream (secret agent robot girl going into a musician career!) would be a lesson?

So I am grateful for tolerance. Without it, our pets would fight instead of just getting a hiss or two from select cats when they are startled by the dog or the dog only chasing my cat (and only sometimes the other two) when they start a fight (with a much larger dog, what are they thinking?)

I am grateful for tolerance when the kids start arguing, but only argue and don’t throw things at one another (inside) or purposefully mess up each other’s stuff (often).

I am grateful for tolerance when my sister wakes me up early to play a game (what goes around comes around, she’s the elder sibling).

I am grateful for tolerance whenever we want to watch Star Trek and the pets don’t even hiss at each other (during the show, commercials are another thing).

Make sure to check out the post for the original Thankful Thursday today (or any other day, it’s always good).

Pillow Talk – Poetry Prompt 7

Now don’t forget that night will come,
Insidious though your thoughts may be.
Gone will be your thoughts of peace
Here to stay are thoughts full of grease
To keep you awake all night without lease.
Sweet Dreams?
Take courage now and remember
Even should the dreams continue to come,
Remember that they cannot follow you where
Reality is, for they are not physical.
Only you can allow them power over your mind.
Remember always that in the end it is you who holds control.
So keep in mind when awake at night that you hold the power.
Angels on pillows.
Don’t forget one last thing,
Reminded I was of everything.
Everything is not so easily controlled,
At best your dreams you’ll try to stroll.
My prayers will be included
So my dreams may not be deluded.

Written for Pooky’s prompt today:

Walking With Reason

One by one her children, those that she was able to save, were sent far far away from where she was. She would never be able to watch them grow, never see what they would make of themselves. But it was enough to know that they would be alive in order to do those things in the first place.

She did not speak to all of them, only a small number would ever hear her voice even if they did not remember it. Some would, though her exhausted whispers would only feature as strange mutterings in their dreams in a language that they would never be able to understand. Others would hear the words distinctly, but still be unable to understand what the words were saying. Some would try to remember and transcribe the few words down and then spend a lifetime trying to translate them. An even smaller amount would find anything that would come close to the correct words.

Many would never even think about it, they would just shrug their shoulder and move on with their lives. If they even acknowledged it in the first place.

Not all of her children were even aware that they were not the biological offspring of the people who raised them. This was true also for those who raised them. Some of the parents were aware that their children came from someone else, but others believed they were their naturally born children. They had given birth to them after all.

It was a tricky balance that she had to keep in order to save the children she was able to. She always at least thought the same words whenever they were sent away.

“My children, you are more than enough to make me keep trying for freedom.”

Written for the first prompt of Season 2 in the Dungeon Prompts.

If you’re going through hell, keep going.  –Winston Churchill