Dreams of Ashes

She’d spent years working towards it, studied it for all of her other ‘you get to choose’ essays from third grade all the way up through college and university. It had been her passion, her desire to just know what was going on that had pushed and pushed and pushed her to continue studying it throughout the long years.

She’d wanted to help people the way others had helped her and those important to her.

If only she had realized the great problem in front of her.

In order to be an effective therapist, you must be able to keep your distance, emotionally, to your patient so that you can remain objective.

When she tried to remain distant, like she was supposed to, she came off as apathetic and like she didn’t care at all. If she was approachable and friendly, then she wasn’t able to keep up the professionalism needed at times.

Either her heart would lead or her head, they could not share the task, no matter how she tried and practiced.

She just wasn’t able to work that way.

And that is why I decided to move away from getting a degree in Psychology and went for another of the things I love (and am a mite obsessed with), Interior Design (or organizing and building things…and running a farm, though that’s a new love that I have discovered by actually living on a farm.)

I wanted to help people, like I had been helped, but there’s a line that they teach you about when you’re studying for an actual degree in order to do anything official. And in order to respect that line, I have a hard time empathizing with people. Or, at least letting them know that I’m more than just ice inside.

Words on a page can change depending on the voice reading them, but the voice itself can have a hard time being heard correctly when there are restraints required on it.

This little bit of soul searching was brought to you by the Dungeon Prompt: Be Careful What You Wish For.