Walking the Road

Sometimes I go walking
All out by myself
Except with another
To walk the road shelf

Together we walk
All alone in our thoughts
Wind brushing by
Blowing ‘way imagined faults

In this instance we’re tall
Standing high in the sky
Doubts falling away
Smiles gracing this ride

For though I’m alone
I’m really with another
Walking right through
Life’s confusing weather

But at times I look back
And only see one track
And then I start to wonder
Just what I lack

For now I walk alone
Without my friend
Walking all alone
Not even seeing the end

But really He was there
Not walking beside me
Holding me up
To see what I will be

But I’m just so tired
So wanting my rest
That I forget He is there
Helping me be my best

It’s only later
That I realize the truth
That He was there
Even during my youth

As now I grow older
White haired, wrinkled face
I can look back up
And thank Him for His Grace

Re-do of the Dungeon Prompt: Peace – Just a Word? What does it mean to you?

Different, But the Same

She’s quiet

She’s loud

She’s soft

She’s hard

She laughs

She cries

She spins around

She’s never still

She reads

She writes

She never stops

She never starts


Nothing I do will quiet her, but at the same time, she never seems too loud.

My inner voice is quiet the character depending on whose costume she’s currently wearing.

Revisit of the Dungeon Prompt: Inner Voice.

Tied Up in the Internet

I hadn’t realized just how pervasive my reliance on technology had become until it was cut off.

The power was out, had been for going on two weeks. All of my little devices had long since died and there was no way to recharge their batteries. I had never purchased spares in order to cover what I would need. I had also, foolishly it appears, never gotten into the whole solar panels thing in order to keep my electricity going even when the whole grid was off. I had several neighbors who did, though there’d been some kind of technical problem with one of them and the other had moved about a year ago. The house they’d lived in was gone now in preparation for building a new road.

Everything I had was pretty much on my devices: books, games, cards, accounts, all of my information. I’m sure I have some of it on actual paper somewhere, but I’ve been able to get by with only the digital copies for so long that I have no idea where to even begin looking.

I should have really thought about this more thoroughly before I moved out into a small town in the first place, even if that ‘small town’ was gearing up to become a larger town with all of the developments going on.

Just a few thoughts I’ve had recently with having spent a year without using my tech devices as much as I used to before we moved to where we wouldn’t have internet for a while. I’ve gone days without using my laptop at times and felt just fine with it because there wasn’t anything on there that I didn’t have the equivalent of in physical form due to lack of internet.

Maybe we live on the internet a little too much with all the wi-fi and fast service? We’ll never know until it’s not there anymore.

(And my electricity’s been fine and yes I have copies of things on paper and know (mostly) where they are.)

This little thought was what popped into my head with the revisit of the Dungeon Prompt: Freedom in the Modern World.

Two Sides to Balance

It was surprising just how little people remembered of their faith when they came up against someone or something that was, well, different. It wasn’t completely different; there were similarities, but just enough difference to be wrong. Many would later say that it was like looking at a particularly well-crafted doll. It looked enough like a child to make you take a second look, but just different enough that the doll wasn’t even accepted as a doll because it was too much like the child, but too still to be one.

The term often used to describe this was ‘creepy.’

And therein lies the problem for many people.

Something, someone is just enough alike them that they don’t completely stand out, but just different enough that they don’t fit quite right either. At first, they can ignore the ‘problem’ and continue living as if nothing is even pinging off their senses.

Until something goes wrong.

Something is always going to go wrong, it’s just the way the world works. But sometimes things can go just a little wrong or a lot wrong. When thing go a lot wrong, then it’s likely that people are going to be upset. When people are upset, they want someone to blame for everything going wrong. (Whether or not everything actually is going wrong or there are just a lot of things going wrong. People forget that there will be hard times as well as good times. It’s how their faith is tested after all. Can you continue to ascribe to your faith when things go wrong or are you only a fair-weather believer?)

Why not blame the people who are just different enough to send a signal to your brain that they aren’t people after all, but dolls that look amazingly like people?

Forgetting that one of the things that their faith taught them was to accept and love others, to hate the sin, but not the sinner.

Because Faith cannot really exist without Tolerance there beside it, just like Mercy and Justice.

One without the other leaves too much imbalance in the world.

This mini-rant was brought to you by the Dungeon Prompt: Faith, Tolerance and Mutual Appreciation.

Don’t Wander

At times it feels like it will take everything

Innocent given away in return for wisdom

Maturity gained only at the expense of freedom

Looking too long into the abyss

Even as it gazes back hungrily

So often do we forget it doesn’t have to be this way

Such is life, they always say


I don’t think we have to give the world every part of ourselves in order to succeed. We need to keep that little bit of ourselves that makes us who we are otherwise we lose all meaning as we try to find the thing that says, ‘I have succeeded at this thing called life.’

Brought to you by a shuffle through the older Dungeon Prompts. This one was Dungeon Prompt: Balance and the Art of Succeeding in an All or Nothing World.

Not Goodbye

My heart beats unevenly

Only to choke me on my breath

Reality is not my friend now

Taking the small figure in shaking hands

And leaning over the too stillness to cry

Letting parts of prayer soothe the ache


The first time I had an animal die on the farm, it wasn’t just one. It was a whole litter of seven little bunnies. I sat and held their mother and cried all over her. I think she took it a lot better than I did, though she let me cry into her soft fur for over thirty minutes after Sissy (dog) had abandoned me for somewhere with less excitement. (Sissy doesn’t take people being upset very well…or at all…she hates crying and yelling with a passion and will leave the house to get away from it if she has to.)

The next three times it happened all I could think about was how I was always the one to find the bunnies after they’d died instead of anyone else.

By the sixth time, it was a goose that had been sick and not adjusting to its new home well.

Each time it happened (bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, goatling, bunnies, chickens, geese, chickens, bunnies, more bunnies, we have a lot of bunnies…) I would wrap the body (except for the goose) in bags and say a small prayer before burying the bodies in the only place available at the time (the garbage, because the ground freezes really hard). I still don’t like it when one of the animals dies, but I know that this life isn’t the end, so that when they die they aren’t vanishing while leaving only a body that will crumble and decay behind. No, they’ve gone somewhere else.

This isn’t the end of it for them, nor is it the end of this for us.

There is more. What we each believe that more is will change, but there is something there and I take comfort in that.

This isn’t a goodbye, just a see you later.

Re-visit of Dungeon Prompt: Mortality and the Human Psyche.


Family is:
It is Everything

Family is what you make just as much as what you are born to. Just because you share blood doesn’t mean you will share love. Love is a choice even when, no, especially when we don’t want it to be.

Dungeon Prompt: Family


Found Myself in a Book

Reading and writing and looking through books. I found myself at a time when I had no idea who I was, literally. No memories that were personal, no names or places or objects that held any kind of meaning. I had been an avid journal writer as a child and teenager and also liked to scrapbook about my life. That was how I found out who I was and from there, I was able to move forward and continue to grow.

There will always be questions about this or that, things that I don’t remember or only have the slightest of inkling about.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more inside.

This tiny drabble was brought to you by the Dungeon Prompt: Becoming You in 111 words

Itchy – Six Word Saturday

Uncomfortable in the extreme, itchy hair.

I usually write a lot (or a little), but I’m not one of few words even if the writing is only a little, so I decided for my response to the Dungeon Prompt: Outside Our Comfort Zone that I would write as little as possible. Also, I was sick over the weekend and so was very uncomfortable physically.

Q and A: Work

I had many ideas for how to answer this prompt. Some of them involved poetry (which is kind of a go-to thing for me on this blog), some of them involved one of my standing story ‘verses (actually got quite a bit down a page before the story turned into something else and then it just wouldn’t write anymore for this prompt. I was most put out) and some of them involved a mixture of prose and poetry (which I adore doing as well, because I just love to talk and talk and talk.) I wasn’t certain just how to end up answering this prompt, but in the end, I decided to try doing it in a way different from others that I have done before.

I hope that it flows well for everyone.

Do you live to work or work to live?

This is a tricky question. Living takes work, there’s no doubt about it. Living, even living in pampering, is hard on the body and the mind. Living without pampering is even harder.

But for me, I work so that I can live. I’ve had times in my life where I couldn’t work, not even to wash my own dishes or do my own laundry and those times were horrible. Not being able to do anything for myself at that time re-impressed the value of work to me.

I rejoice in my ability to work even if it’s only in the house and on the farm and not for any kind of paycheck.

Everyone must work in order to live because you can’t live without your body working for you in either way.

Are you purpose driven or do you find happiness in simple pleasures?

Can you not find happiness in the simple pleasures found within your purpose? I have often wondered at why you cannot have a career and a family because it always seemed to me that your family, having a family, was always a part of having a successful career. Maybe it’s the old fashioned thought that having a family that you take care of proves your dependability in the work place, I don’t know. (I hadn’t actually been aware that it would help on anything more than an academic level until one of my friends pointed it out to me in one of her stories.)

There are simple things in life that bring happiness scattered all about in our work. I know that I greatly enjoy just sitting with the goats sometimes and letting them cuddle up to me (well, okay, only the goatlings do that and they enjoy chewing n my clothes while they drift off to sleep). The rabbits when they are so tiny and first hopping around their mothers (who look exhausted and are usually happy when it’s time to start weaning the litters). The chickens and ducks and geese that follow you everywhere on the off chance that you have a treat for them (especially if you are carrying anything that looks even remotely like a bucket, whether it’s obviously empty or not.)

Just because you have a purpose and just because that purpose drives you doesn’t mean that you still can’t find happiness in the midst of your journey in completing your purpose (if, indeed, your purpose has an ending). To me, this isn’t really an either/or situation.

Do you have a strict separation between your professional and your private life, or are they inseparable?

When I had a desk job, I did keep my two lives separate, though that wasn’t a very difficult thing to do at the time. The only people who I knew at work happened to be related to me. (My older brother and brother-in-law worked in different departments and we didn’t even have lunch at the same time. My older sister started working there after me and we used to joke that we were slowly taking over the company via family. Of course two of us only worked there part time while going to school…) That and it was during the years where I wasn’t very…erm…awake.

You can hold down a desk job while working on auto-pilot if you can train your body and mind well enough. Those years are kind of blurry. Though I do miss the shredder.

I loved that shredder.

Now, though, now it would kind of be impossible for me to have any kind of separation between what I do and my private life. Probably because I run the family farm (sort of, it’s not a very big farm at the moment) and I’m kind of the nanny for my sister’s kids (though they are certainly old enough that they don’t really need me to do as much as they used to.) It would be kind of difficult to keep the two separate at this point.

Are you happy with your current arrangement or would you change anything?

I think the only thing I would change would be the fencing. I’d love to have more fencing available (better fencing in some cases) in order to keep the animals in their yards and out of the garden (and out of the neighbor’s calf yard). Other than that, I think this is one of the happiest I’ve ever been since I became an adult.

(Now if only the pigs would stay in their pen…)

This strange attempt at a post was brought to you by the Dungeon Prompt: Live to Work or Work to Live?