Take Time For Yourself

Do you think that it might be all right
Unless you need just another night
To care for others is a worthy goal
You just have to remember that it’ll still take its toll

Whenever you think about others, remember that if you don’t keep yourself healthy, you won’t be able to do anything for them either.


Wretched Ecstasy

How do you continue to work when the one you love is forever out of your reach?

It was a normal day. The sun was up, the sky was clear of cloud cover, though there was supposed to be a shower later in the afternoon, but one of those happy, sun-filled showers that always rejuvenated a person rather than bring them into the blues. Nothing of particular importance was happening that day, but neither was it a day full of boring events.

But it was another day of torture for all its simple beauty by simple virtue of the fact that today of all days it was his turn as guard. He loved his queen, always had and, likely always would. It wasn’t something that was truly surprising to anyone who really knew him. It was just a fact of life. The sky is blue. The sun brings warmth to the land in the day while the night cools it off just enough. The Illusion Master was in love with the Sol Queen. The grass was green in the summer and covered in snow in the winter.

Just another fact of life that was always there now and would always be there in the future.

His fellow Guards knew and the King knew as well. Even those who guarded the Moon Queen knew, though they didn’t gossip about it. (Well, all right, a few of them gossiped about it amongst themselves but only with those who were Guards the same as he. Even though they were for different Phases of the Day there was too much respect for it to be anything malicious.)

The Illusion Master (his name long gone from years of service and devotion to his Queen) did not know if his queen knew of his feelings. It wouldn’t have mattered had she known for she was a gentle soul, much like her counterpart the Moon Queen, though she was far more fierce in battle.

After all, the sun gave its gentle warmth to the Earth to nurture it, but it could just as easily have a sudden flare that scorched that same glowing orb below.

This character is new (I think) to my blog, but he’s been in this story’s universe almost as long as Comet and Star.