Kitty – Frazzled Friday

image: sister just older than me's old art pad
image: sister just older than me’s old art pad

Second Eldest, First to Help – Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my second eldest sister. You can’t see her right now, but she’s learning how to make carrot fritters. Just another thing she’s learning/learned how to do in order to stretch our food storage abilities. (We also learned how to freeze eggs for storage earlier this week and have been making pickles and jam/preserves. We’ve also made freezer fries and carrots. So many carrots…)

But the point is, my sister has really stepped up. She’s been raising her three children without their father and helping me and our mom as well as anyone else in our family who needs help.)

She’s really an awesome woman.

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Sister Starts – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for many things, but mostly I’m grateful that I’m still here and that I have my family with me. Today is a little different because today is sort of the day that we begin.

It’s not my parents’ anniversary, it’s not the day they met. No, today is different.

Today is the day that my eldest sister, the first of my parents’ children, was born. We, the children (or the Siblings, as we call each other now that there are children running around our feet too) began today and we lasted a good long while (my parents had children for over a decade).

But my eldest sister was the first.


So I am grateful for her, even when we don’t get along and we just want to throttle one another, I love her and am thankful for what she has taught me throughout my life. (She is the reason I know how to do hair in any way, though I still have a lot of practice to do.)

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Honored Forgiveness – Poetry Prompt 18

Once upon a time, there was a woman,
Now don’t mix this up with tales of princesses
Even though it sounds like one.
Each time this woman had troubles with her sisters
She would say, “It is not that object that is important, it is the relationship.”
At times she wanted to through in the towel;
“Maybe this will be the end of it all,” she’d sadly say.
Always she would slowly heal and forgive instead.

Inspired by Pooky’s poetry prompt for today:

Oneesama, or correctly Onee-sama, it Japanese for honored older sister. I wrote this about one of my elder sisters who always says that the relationship she has with her siblings is more important than just about anything else. She works hard to forgive and move on and stay close because of the bonds of family and love. It’s not always easy (in fact, it’s often very difficult) but it is so important to her to try. I have greatly admired this trait in her and when I saw this prompt, I knew what to write about right away.

I did enjoy that the prompt used my favorite type of poem, an acrostic, which y’all have probably noticed is the predominate style I use on my blog.