Explanation on Revisits – Random Ramblings

My readers have probably noticed that I’ve been revisiting a lot of the older Dungeon Prompts recently. I like to go back over some of the prompts (read: all of them) and see what else I can ‘dig up from my soul’ as the prompts say. I’ve found that not only has my style of writing changed slightly since the first time I wrote for the prompts, but also that I can end up writing about something completely different from what I wrote before.

It’s interesting, to me, to see what different stories or poems or even reminiscences lurk within my mind and what will spring forth in response to the Dungeon Prompts that Sreejit has given us. I like to discover parts of myself that I didn’t know about, or maybe I did, but only in quick passing.

After all, is it not fun to revisit old friends?