Make It Into A Roll

In my senior year of high school I found myself constantly moving. I don’t actually remember sleeping all that much and yet the whole year is a blur of movement and half-awake moments. I had so many credits that I needed to make up for as I’d missed so much the year before. I had this belief that if I just kept moving even though I was stumbling along that even if I tripped my momentum would carry me forward and I’d manage to, somehow, finish it.

I know that I didn’t do it alone. There’s no way that I could do it by myself. I was very blessed to have help every single step of the way.

But that’s only part of why I am even writing this particular post.

I was reading through the Reader on here when I came across a new post from Seth Adam Smith, who has been MIA for several months while he worked on super secret projects. His post Is It Possible to Fall UP? made me think about such a thing where it has concerned me and that, in turn, made me think of the times (so many times) of when I would fall up the stairs rather than down them.

I fell down stairs a lot as a child. No that is not a euphemism, all those falls were legit. I was very spastic as a child though I was never diagnosed with anything, but we learned that I was sensitive to refined sugars.

As an adult, refined sugar makes me jump all over the place, literally, before I crash because I can no longer sustain such energy. This is after having one small piece of Halloween candy.

As a child, I would eat, at least, one full cup of sugar straight. Because it tasted good and what other reason does a kid need?

Yeah. I was continually on a sugar high for the majority of my childhood and early teens.

I have no idea how I survived all of the stupid things I’d try and do while I was like that.

Anyway, I fell down the stairs, and out of trees (and I jumped a few times trying to ‘fly’) a lot as a child. In high school I didn’t fall down the stairs even though I tripped a lot. No, because I had enough momentum to my body I fell UP the stairs instead.

It was hilarious and I always laughed about it at the time (and ignored bruises because I was just too tired to care.) But after reading that post by Seth and watching the embedded video (seriously, go watch it) I have found myself thinking about those moments in a different light and answering the question that Seth posed in his post title.

Is it possible to fall up?

Yes. Yes it is possible to fall up. It is possible to also teach yourself how to turn future falls into a roll that will see you standing up on your feet before the fall is even over.

Some of us will have more falls and more opportunities to learn that maneuver than others, but in the end we all want to learn this skill and continue to hone it throughout the years so that we never forget the feeling of the fall followed by the feeling of our feet back on the ground, safe and sound.


And Then…

At first today seemed a cinch.
Right up until it all went wrong.
Good mood is going…going…gone…
How could this happen to me?!

This morning began so bright and full of hope…

And then…

You know, my family likes to refer to certain things as an ‘And then’ moment. Or a series of  ‘And then’ moments.

The cord on my laptop broke. It left a piece of metal stick into the outlet it had been plugged into last night. I (oh foolish one) pulled it out of the outlet with no protective gear, chastising the children for such a safety hazard being left like that. (Yes, the irony of life. The kind children did not point this out to me. Their mother didn’t have a second thought about it; she is not as polite. Yes, I am complaining as she is actually a good person who can been very polite. We just like to snipe at each other.) After pulling it out, I realized it went to my laptop cord.

And then…

We looked up replacing it. Good news! It wouldn’t cost that much! Bad news, still can’t buy the new one for a few weeks.

Went on with life.

Went to check bathroom cleaning work for a child. Had that little stopper lever thing for the sink break in my hand and noticed it was broken down in the sink part as well. Family thought my scream of frustration was hilarious.

And then…

Discovered that the kids had eaten the last of the kit-kat bars and their mother snagged the last peanut butter cup. (The joke is on them, I have thew Reese’s pieces!)

And then…

Went to watch the Saturday morning session of General Conference. T.V. channels no longer work on the T.V. That’s all right! We can hook it up to the desk top!

And then…

Internet stopped working. Reset tower…still didn’t start working again until 15 minutes near the end of the session.

At least we still had one working radio that my niece loves so we got to listen to the talks anyway, even if we got it turned on a little late while we tried to fix the computer.

Moral of the story is: Life is going to happen. Even if the morning started out beautifully (with chasing one cat away from another and trying to get the other to get in the house already it’s freezing you blasted cat!) it can fall right down again and again and again. You’ll notice that I mention several falls that’s because in order to fall again, you have to pick yourself up in between and if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself laughing about the subsequent falls because they really can be that funny.

Enjoy your day! (grins)

Prima Dona

Out of everything that she did, she loved the dancing most of all.

Whenever there was a chance she would flit about the room she was in as if she were on stage in a beautiful dress, the appropriate shoes adorning her feet and a lovely tiara on her brow. The music would change, different instruments and beats filling the air around her as she would move this way and that.

One foot did not bend the correct way and her knees would often give out at the most awkward moment, sending her sprawling across the floor. Her imaginary dress dissolved into nothing more than a sheet or a blanket or nothing but the magic dust of her mind. Her tiara would clang on the ground and roll away while one sock hung off a foot and the other turned under.

With a wince, she’d pull herself to her knees and then to her feet, limping away as the music played on.

Secretly, despite the pain, a smile would curl up her lips.

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Written for this week’s Dungeon Prompts ( and because this would happen a lot to me as a child. I was a clumsy thing full of too much energy and not enough grace, but I loved to dance no matter how badly I did so.