Incoherent – Life Snippet

Spent the day going through some family history now that we have the internet back.

(Oh yeah, we have the internet back, by the way…)

Got a lot of work done.

Y’know, in between screaming and tearing my hair out.

And I hear it used to be more difficult when my grandfather did this? I suddenly have more appreciation for his patience levels than I ever have before.

Also, spent thirty minutes trying to figure out how to fix a mistake I made when I finally realized that the person that I thought was one person was actually two people: an uncle and a nephew.

Long story short, I was able to fix the problem, but only after I calmed down and scanned all over in order to fix the problem that I had created.



Remember where you came from, if

Only to not end up back at the start.

Of course sometimes you need to return

To remember something that you’ve lost.

So work on establishing a link without losing what growth you’ve reached.


It is important to never forget where you started, but to not live in the past.

Relatives – Thankful Thursday

I was in a Family History class during Sunday School one month and we were looking at ancestors way down the line. Everyone else in the class was going: “I’m related to this king/queen/royalty person.”

As we went around the room, we got to me. I raised my hand slowly and said my piece.

“Bank robbers.”

I am thankful for finding humor in my personal life no matter how dreary it looks or how bleary-eyed I am.

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