Dungeons – Thankful Thursday

So around the New Year, my eldest nephew asked if we could hold weekly Dungeons and Dragons games as a family. He very rarely ever asks to do anything as a family even once every few months, let alone something that would be a weekly occurrence. My sister immediately agreed and so since then, each week my sister, her three teenagers and myself meet to play Dungeons and Dragons at our kitchen table. We have three players (my sister and her two sons) and two Dungeon Masters (my niece and myself).

Why have two DMs, you may ask?

Well, my niece isn’t fond of D&D when as a player, but didn’t want to be the normal DM. I love creating stories and adventures, but sometimes can’t talk for hours at a time or other difficulties pop up. So my niece is my assistant and we pretty much split the world we’re using. If it takes place in one of my countries, I’m main DM (barring physical difficulties). If it’s in one of my niece’s countries, she’s the main DM.

Regardless, we all still have to be at the table each week and take part in the game.

As a result, everyone’s gotten better at communicating throughout the week because we have to get along to a certain degree or the D&D session comes to a quick end no matter what.

So I’m thankful for my nephew’s idea of playing Dungeons and Dragons as a family, because we’re all learning how to communicate better and are closer as a family.


Family Time – Random Ramblings

I sit here in the living room, listening to my sister teach her youngest how to make biscuits from scratch, just like our mother did with us. I listen to her teach him how to cook sausage with water first and then browning it after its cooked all the way through. Then I hear him inform his mother quite seriously that he already knows how to make scrambled eggs.

Breakfast is going to be all the most delicious when it’s done just listening to them work together in the kitchen.

Interactive Movie Night

Very often I have read of times
In which these are put down.
Destructive habits only learned or
Even time just wasted.
Only seen as useful for party tricks and coordination.
Get a bowl of popcorn or maybe a little dinner.
A moment of the day where everyone gathers ’round.
My family starts different stories that we play through
Even if we’ve played this one before.
So maybe you think these are a waste of time, but for us?
It’s one more thing to experience as a family.

Written for no particular reason except for the fact that my family likes to pick one of the Final Fantasy games (most of the ones out are owned in a spread across my many siblings) and then we curl up at the end of the day and play through the story-line for a bit. It’s nice, like watching an interactive movie.