Only Innocent Folks Here – Silent Sunday

image: Ysma and Cheese; from martha0stout’s phone

It’s Not About What You Earn

Don’t you talk about someone I love like that
Even as I try to keep my temper
Speaking evenly instead of spitting
Reaching inside for whatever calm there is
Even as they continue harshly
Verging on starting a full-blown fight
Especially don’t talk about yourself that way
Speaking about someone I care about includes you

I get into arguments with one of my siblings sometimes. They have a hard time when speaking about themselves and sometimes when speaking with others as well. It bothers me because I care about not only the others my sibling is speaking about, but about them, the speaker, as well. I see a meme sometimes about how someone warns a group of people not to talk about their loved one like that or they’re going to get a punch to the face. This is usually followed by that loved one speaking poorly about themselves and the other immediately having to find a way to follow through with their original threat.

That meme always made me laugh.

It’s both not as funny while also still being hilarious having to experience it in real life.

Strength To Carry On

Remember each moment that’s gone by
Even as you say farewell
Grief lets you know of the love
Rent from you by the veil
Each precious moment a shining star
Taking your heart as they fell

I was told once that you know you’re an adult when you have to make your own doctor appointments. I’ve found that, though this is true, it’s also…not.

You know you’re an adult when you have to schedule a final appointment for a beloved, but slowly dying family pet.

Just remember that your love for them can keep you warm after they’ve gone ahead.

Robin’s Egg Blue – Moment of Beauty

My niece brought in a piece of eggshell that she’d found. It was a color she doesn’t normally see and wondered about it. She said it was beautiful and that she had to share it with me. It was the piece of a robin’s egg which reminded me of the little chirps I’ve been hearing whenever I walk the dogs around the property.

Sometimes we forget in the hustle and bustle of life to stop and look at the beautiful things around us. They can be the sunset with its glorious colors strewn across the sky or the smell of freshly cut grass. Sometimes it’s a tiny piece of robin’s blue eggshell against the dark rich soil of the earth.