Shattered Pieces – One-Liner Wednesday

“Just because a person doesn’t break doesn’t mean life should keep testing them to make sure.”

This is from a fanfiction I read this morning. (Yes, I like to read those and I’m just tired and sick enough to actually admit it out loud at the moment.) It really struck me, because it feels like my whole life has been one giant, ‘will this be the thing that shatters her completely?’

The answer is, yes. There are many moments that shatter you completely, that have shattered me completely.

But sometimes you needed it even if you didn’t now it.

(But that also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get breaks in between moments.)

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Dream’s Beginning

For often I find I must disagree

And ignore the ending, whatever it may be.

Now I take a pencil, simple, in my hand

Forging a new ending to place on the stand.

It doesn’t have to be long,

Complicated or to please the throng

To fill me with satisfaction galore,

I find that I must simply write more.

Often I will return to read what I wrote

Never realizing the path in my scope.

Easy Way

“What’s the point of being king if you can’t kill a man or two?”

“That wouldn’t be justice.”

“It would be a lot simpler.”
—from a fanfiction

There is nothing simple about killing.

This was something that Star had learned when she was very young, before she had even realized that the people around her were even people.

Maybe it was during one of the wars in Europe, or the skirmishes and battles that littered the different chains of islands around the world. Maybe it was during the Great War or World War II or even the hundreds of little wars that littered the half century afterwards. She didn’t know, just that it had happened.

“Killing isn’t as easy as you seem to think it is, brother.”

He sneered up at her, “I don’t know, cousin,” His words were pointed, more so at the end, “All I had to do was exceed the maximum energy capacity of their little minds, something that is all to easy to do if you have the right tools.”

Star did not rise to his bait, though a desperate part of her wanted nothing more than to sink her fist into his already bruised face.

“I’ll show you maximum capacity!” the darker part of her snarled.

But she didn’t let it. Didn’t let the words or actions or emotions do more than fester in a corner of her mind. She hadn’t given in to that voice in well over a century. Not even during the worst parts of the Galactic War had she fully unleashed the part of her that had wanted to unleash the dark horrors of what she had seen.

“The Queen will speak with you once you’ve been properly booked into the cells within the Palace.”

She nodded towards the guardsmen that had accompanied her once they’d learned that her cousin

(Not her brother. Not anymore.)

-had been captured. He’d been restrained well enough that his abilities would not be a problem. Star didn’t bother to double check the restraints that encased his slim wrists and ankles or the circlet around his throat. They hadn’t needed to place one on his brow.

Her cousin had sacrificed his mindscape all on his own and now no longer was able to use the mind abilities that he had been born with.

“Was it worth it, brother? Was it worth it to try and achieve your warped sense of ‘justice’?” her chaotic soul whispered with glee, “Was it worth it to sacrifice so much and still fail!”

Novel Experience

Well, November is over. I had a lovely Thanksgiving and celebrated a wedding and two birthdays. Thanksgiving was very last minute, though I think I mentioned that in an earlier post. What I also did this November was take part in National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo or Nano.

This would be the fifth time I’ve participated and the third time that I’ve actually succeeded in the word goal, but the first time I’ve managed to do so without having word prompts and the story written in anthology format. The story itself isn’t finished even if I managed all 50k words. I’m going to work on finishing the story, but I should warn y’all that it’s a fanfiction.

I love to write anything and everything, but I like to practice writing new types of things by trying them out in fanfic format. This is a new attempt for me to write a story that I had already had the bare bones down, but hadn’t written out as a chapter-layout story. I’m ridiculously pleased with myself for this attempt even though I’m still working on finished the story.

I likely won’t post this year’s Nano offering here as I post my fanfiction works on, but try to keep the two accounts separate from one another. I try to post only my original work here. I might post one of the first two attempts for Nano and/or maybe parts of the third attempt as they were are all original works.

Just felt the need to write about Nanowriom.


I’m told that you’re not a real writer until you’ve received your first rejection letter. In this day and age it’s more likely to be a rejection email, but I’m pretty sure the same sentiments still apply. There’s always posting on the internet or just sticking to writing fanfiction, but writing your own work and sending it in to someone is very nerve wracking.

You may never sell anything, but at least you took the chance and sent something in and maybe you will get published for having the guts to send off a piece of your soul for someone else to look at and judge its worthiness.

I actually feel better now that I’ve received an answer rather than just waiting for any kind of response. Hopefully future endeavors will go better.