For Everything There is a Season – Thankful Thursday

There are too many things to list about what I am grateful for from this past summer. We’ve done a lot of work on the farm and had a lot of fun hanging out as well. We’ve had new arrivals to the farm and had to say goodbye to others.

I guess the only thing I can think of to be thankful for while keeping this short (because I have to go season some cheese) is to say that I’m grateful for all that a person can learn in a season.

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I live on a farm. Mot of you probably already know this or have some inkling. I talk about our animals a lot and also the different kinds of things we have to do while living on the farm.

One of my sisters mentioned that I should maybe put up info about the different projects that we do on the farm and what we used (including sources, if any) for others who may have similar projects in mind.

Just throwing this out there and asking if anyone would be interested in that?

Winter is Coming

She rushed about the farm, gathering straw, stuffing it into the containers needed for she had no bailer. Feed gathered and stored in dry areas that wouldn’t freeze but wouldn’t heat up either. Cracks were discovered in various buildings and fixed. Leaking roofs fixed. Hinges oiled. Fencing fixed. Gardens mulched and covered over with straw and leaves for the coming weather.

She didn’t work alone as others worked alongside her to finish before the sun went down.

It would be several more weeks of this before they were done.

They hoped they’d finish in time.

Because not being ready was not really an option.

It’s not really this dramatic, but I’m tired right now and it feels this dramtic in my head.

Thimble Enough – Thankful Thursday

You never know just what’s going to be useful in your life. I’ve used the sewing skills my mom insisted all of us learn (boys and girls) to mend my clothes, sew buttons back on pants, shirts, coats and sweaters. Put zippers in, design Halloween costumes, work on wedding clothes, decorations, mittens for a duck’s feet when she had infects wounds on them and wouldn’t stay off her feet (our first duck was a very stubborn creature) and now I’m using them to sew old feed bags together to make a tarp for the back of the truck.

Incidentally, I am also incredibly thankful for a thimble, because I shudder to think about the state of my fingers without that thimble.

Thanks, Mom, for being more stubborn than seven of your eight children when it came to learning how to hand sew simple stitches. (My youngest brother just went and hid and Mom had two jobs to get to and didn’t have the time to chase her youngest down to make him learn what the other seven already knew and he just wouldn’t learn it from the rest of us. He is ruing that now when the buttons on his clothes wear off and he has to wait to bring it to one of our houses to sew back on. My eldest brother was incredibly thankful all throughout his mission that he’d stuck out the sewing lessons and even knew how to use the sewing machines that the church members in his branch let him borrow.)

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Just Another Day

Hardened hands

Dirt encrusted

Wet and too dry

Tired and cracked

Reaching gently out

Nudging one kid

Away from the teat

Time for another

To have their treat

Mother tries to move away

Too many kids

Lifting up her legs

Cracked and dirty hands push away

“Only two at a time

Don’t o’erwhelm her.”

Gentle, but tired

The voice rings out

Tired arms reach down

Hefting up mewling kids

Cuddle three of the small ones

Quiet them and watch

As Mother feeds the other two

Calmer now she’s not rushed

Just another day.