My but how easy it is to get you!

Unless it’s outside of the game…

Never gonna be rich in real life

Never gonna move out of the basement

Yet my life isn’t really that stereotype…


My younger sister is playing “Kingdom Hearts Unchained X” right next to me and was letting me know that it was ridiculously easy to get the currency of that game compared to other “Kingdom Hearts” games. I asked  her if it was as easy as earning the currency for Final Fantasy XII.

Alas! I am only wealthy in video games!


Paranoia Justified – Random Ramblings

Every time I read about one character’s belief that someone they know is too paranoid I remember how easy it was to break into the Shinra HQ in Final Fantasy VII.

Seriously, have you ever played that game? Breaking into Don Corneo’s Mansion is harder to do than the headquarters of the company that pretty much controls the entire planet in that game.

The only reason this is currently even on my mind is because I recently convinced my sister’s children that playing through  FFVII would be a fun thing for us to do together. Unfortunately I’d forgotten how to do a few of the puzzles within the game.

The good news is that they are having a blast watching me play.

The bad news is that I keep missing things and yelling at the characters for this or that thing and having to make sure I don’t accidentally blurt out spoilers as they know absolutely nothing about the Final Fantasy VII universe except for the fact that it is the best Final Fantasy game ever and the first to have more than one game/movie/book/anime to its name because of how awesome it is.

(No I am not trying to dis any of the other Final Fantasy games. They are also pretty awesome, but FFVII was the first one for me.)

My eldest niece has recently taken a delight in spy novels so even though she wasn’t interested at all in joining her younger brothers and me in playing through the game she is now just as hooked. She normally cannot stand most video games, especially ones that her brothers like.

Final Fantasy, it takes all kinds and bridges gaps between siblings.

(Though I’ll never forgive my brother from naming one of my characters WOMAN and then saving over my file. She was named with all caps and everything so it was like my characters were yelling every time they would have said her name.)


To be forgotten is worse than death -Freya, Final Fantasy IX

What do you do when she doesn’t know who you are?

What do you do when she doesn’t know who she is?

Every morning it starts all over again.

Who are you?
Where am I?

You pray and love her and don’t startle her at all.

You love you and don’t want her to fear you.

You are gentle and caring but never overbearing.

Is that my name?
I’m someone’s wife?

It gets harder as the days go by and there is no change.

Memories, new and old, are as tangible as the night sky.

It gets harder to carry one day after day.

Why do you still care for me?
Why do you stay here with me?

But she is as necessary to your life as the air you breath.

You could no sooner send her away than reach into your chest and physically rip out your lungs.

You promised for better or worse.

Why do you love me when I can’t even remember your name?
How is it that I know I love you back?

A promise made is a promise to keep, especially to your eternal companion.

The memories may be gone, but the emotions remain.

You are in this together no matter what.

Written in honor of my brother and sister-in-law. They are some of the most awesome people I have ever had the privilege to meet and know. I pray that the Lord will be with them.

Interactive Movie Night

Very often I have read of times
In which these are put down.
Destructive habits only learned or
Even time just wasted.
Only seen as useful for party tricks and coordination.
Get a bowl of popcorn or maybe a little dinner.
A moment of the day where everyone gathers ’round.
My family starts different stories that we play through
Even if we’ve played this one before.
So maybe you think these are a waste of time, but for us?
It’s one more thing to experience as a family.

Written for no particular reason except for the fact that my family likes to pick one of the Final Fantasy games (most of the ones out are owned in a spread across my many siblings) and then we curl up at the end of the day and play through the story-line for a bit. It’s nice, like watching an interactive movie.