She Knows

It wasn’t exactly a secret.

No, wait. Strike that.

It was a secret. Just not one that she was in the dark about.

She knew that they had tried really hard to keep her from ever finding out and they hadn’t really failed. It hadn’t been from them that she’d discovered the truth. No, it had been from somewhere else. From a mystical plane of existence she had discovered their attempt at deceit.

(They’d posted it on their ‘anonymous’ social network sites. They had no idea that she’d discovered their ‘totally unknown’ profiles months ago.)

If they thought that they’d be able to get the best of her in this matter, they were sorely mistaken. Still, she allowed them time to plan and revel in their ‘success,’ knowing that the unveiling would have to be done carefully if she wanted to get the maximum results.

She watched day in and day out, as a week slowly passed, pretending that she didn’t have any idea what was happening.

One morning, she woke up and the other side of the bed was empty and from the feel of it, had long since cooled. She a grim look on her face, she dressed and readied herself for the day. The sounds from the kitchen showed that he was still there and that their son had joined him.

Today, today was the day that she would confront them.

With determination in her every turn of the head, she entered the kitchen.

“Where have you hidden the dog?” she asked.

Written for today’s Light and Shade Challenge prompt ( only to realize that it was a 100 word or less prompt…

Looks like I’ll have to try again.