Sunlit Memories

Mary often looked out over the city from the top of her apartment building as the sun was setting and thought back to all the last times she’d seen such a sight…

Sitting with her sister in various places, watching the sunset and knowing that it was somehow connected to what they were looking for.

Seeing the sunset for the first time behind her princess and finally finding home.

Eating funnel cake with her sister during the Summer Solstice.

Watching the sky turn dark red hours before sunset as the smoke from the battlefield covered it.

Meeting her sister even in their dreams with a sunset as the background as one of them was deployed and the other was on Nursery Guard Duty.

Seeing the sun lower itself below the hills just as the assassins struck.

Trying to paint a memory during one of her sessions while her sister continued fighting the War.

Meeting Alex as the last rays of daylight slipped into twilight after crashing into the ground, dizzy and disoriented.

Arguing with the stubborn man about which college she wanted to go to, whether she wanted to get a job, anything that involved her going out and interacting with people he hadn’t carefully vetted, all with a sun setting through a background window. He always made sure to be home before the sun would set on any of the important occasions they had agreed on.

Meeting, dating and finally marrying Warren. A kaleidoscope of pictures involving the sun as her Bonded had quickly learned of her love for the celestial body.

The first time they’d held Terrance and then Matt up to see the sunset after their eyes had grown enough to truly see the colors.

The last time they’d watched the sunset on the top of the same apartment complex she was standing on before the separation took place.

Watching the sunset on the eve of the funeral and realizing that she was going to be Alone for the rest of her Days…of which there were likely to be many.

Mary didn’t look away as the last rays of light sunk beneath the edge of the city. Her eyes burned, but no afterimages of light blinked across her vision.

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second. –Mattie Stepanek

Inspired by the Monday prompt for Light and Shade this week.


Exists Only in Tales

Human beings often think that they are the dominant species on earth. This is both true and not true at the same time.

Let me explain:

Humans are the dominant species on earth insomuch that they seem to control the majority of the known world. They have power over what will happen to the wildlife around them as they can have it reduced to nothing more than a lumber mill should they so desire, as long as they have enough connections or money among their own kind.

Or have an ax and the skill, will and time to do so for themselves.

“You should never trust a human, fledgling,” her brother admonished her once the hunting party was gone from the wood.”

“But they didn’t harm anyone but what they needed for food, haven’t you always told me that this is the way of the world?”

“There is the way of the world, and then there is a desire for power. Men have fallen for less.”

“There must be some out there who aren’t that bad, surely!”

Then there are the men who have no power, but have enough brains to find a way towards power that no one else can take from them. A power source that they can bind and make near limitless in the possibilities of use.

Being able siphon the energy and very life-force of a phoenix can make one almost immortal, whether the phoenix is willing or not.

“Fledgling, I hope that you never find the difference between these two kinds of men, for I am certain that the latter exists only in tales.”