Cookie – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for fortune cookies and the hilarity that they can bring to your life. I got one once, right after I graduated high school, that said I was going on a long vacation. Spent the next two years kind of drifting as I recovered my health from fitting two years of high school into one while having horrible migraines every day and not being able to miss school if I wanted to walk with my class.

I am a very stubborn person when I want to be, by the way.

That fortune cookie is one of the things I like to look back at and laugh about even though I didn’t find it very funny at the time.

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Fortune Cookies

I like to collect fortune cookies and keep them, even if they aren’t mine.

I keep them in old scrapbooks from my teen years and childhood. I keep them in journals, both personal and writing and quote books. I put them up around my work space and my computer. When they become really ragged and torn up and I can’t read them anymore, I have to let them go. Really, the only ones that wear out are the ones that I keep around my computer.

I can’t remember when I first started saving them. I remember that when I graduated high school I got a fortune that told me I was going on a long vacation. My little sister thought it was hilarious. It then took me two years to get a job. Partially because I kept getting sick and partially because, all that senioritis that seniors in high school get? Yeah, that happened¬†after I got my diploma.

I was sick a lot during high school as well, so I had to recover from pushing through it all in order to graduate in the first place, but that’s not part of the story. I couldn’t have done it alone, though.

Anyway, I love fortune cookies.

Lately the little Dove chocolates have been a little fortune cookie-y as well.

Several weeks ago, I was having a really bad day. Really, really bad day. So, naturally, my mom offers me a little Dove chocolate. Inside it tells me I need to relax.

Cheeky little chocolate.