First Step

It’s not anger that is the true villain here

But fiery frustration.

It is the gateway to the greater toxic emotion

But anger isn’t the first step.

Frustration is sometimes a notorious swing

It can move by so fast

That you’re in the anger zone

Before you even know it.

Controlling your anger begins here

When it is still a smaller step.

Don’t let your frustration grow so quickly

That it speeds by without anything to stop it.

Inspired partially by the ongoing fight against lashing back at pre-teens and teenagers and also from last week’s Three Word Wednesday.



Take a moment and think

When was the last time you just let go?

Didn’t run

Didn’t push

Didn’t worry, worry, worry

Just ran about

Laughed out loud

Swung your arms like a child?

There are times when you need to be serious

Keep control of your thoughts and emotions

There are times when you need the opposite

Speak what’s on your mind

Let your heart run wild

Both sides need their turn and time.

There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.

–Dr. Who

Written for this last Friday’s Light and Shade Challenge.

Life Will Happen

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought it’d be done.

Thought it’ll be over soon.

Thought wrong.

Life has a way of just happening.

Of just coming along and throwing a spanner into the gears.

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought it was just a moment’s delay.

Thought ‘I’ll be out of here.’

Thought wrong.

Thought it would be over soon.

Through fire and ice and the loneliness of time I have survived.

Thought this would be no different.

Thought wrong.

Life happens a lot.

It happens more than people will think.

It happens more than they will admit.

But it still happens.

All the platitudes and all the attitudes don’t make any difference.

Most of the time.

There will be times when there is nothing you can do.

You will watch and know that you are powerless to stop anything from happening.

Thought it’d be over soon.

Thought ‘I’m almost at the end.’

Thought wrong.

Written in part because it wouldn’t get out of my head whenever I think about this one particular part in the Former Guardian series, the part right before Comet is sent to another world entirely by her sister and in part because when I saw the prompt for the Daily Post today ( it all just came out of my fingers.

At least now I can maybe work on something else…

Spinning in Stillness

I wish the world would stop.

Stop twisting and writhing on the spot.

Spot me a dry piece of toast?

Toast is certainly what my brain feels like.

Like my world is spinning~

Spinning around and around like a top.

Top of my head?

Head on out please?

Please let this go away.

Away now shall go I?

Written because it feels like I’ve been spinning in place all day long even as I try to hold very still to ease some of it…

What would it be?

What would be the personification of pain?

Would it be a woman or a man?

Would it even be a little child who just doesn’t understand?

I don’t know,

I don’t know,

But I do know that it would exist.

It would likely be genderless and ageless,

Because pain, real pain, is no respecter of persons.

And no matter how much you want to shield someone from it…

There is no way to stop it

We just have to take what comes and continue to move forward as best we can.

Written for last Friday’s FreeWriteFriday prompt:

It’s been one of those weeks…but only at the end!