That’s your emotionally scarring story! –Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Not all moments are created equal

But that doesn’t mean

They didn’t happen

Because they did

What was joyful to one

Is destroying to another

What is full of peace

Can be full of war

Perspective gives more than you know


Stand Tall

Sometimes we must taste the bitter
For without it
How can we know the sweet
Without the sorrow
How can we know the joy
Without the dark
How can we rejoice in the light

For even the angel Moroni
Is hit by lightning at times
Standing as he does
Atop the temple of the Lord
Trumpet raised to the sky
Ringing out the truth
For all the world to hear

Dragon Guilt

Guilt is the thing that lets you know

Just how far from the path you go

That you’ve wandered far and near

Letting go of what you hold dear


It’s a sign of when to turn back

So that your happiness you won’t lack

So turn back once you feel

Like off your skin you want to peel


Just like the boy who turned into a dragon

You find you really want to be on the wagon

Huddling close to family and friends

Knowing that with them you want to find an end

Little poem inspired by Eustace Scrubb from Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis and the trouble he gets himself into. Also by the revisit of Dungeon Prompt: Guilt – Illuminating or Engulfing the Darkness.

Just Another Day

Hardened hands

Dirt encrusted

Wet and too dry

Tired and cracked

Reaching gently out

Nudging one kid

Away from the teat

Time for another

To have their treat

Mother tries to move away

Too many kids

Lifting up her legs

Cracked and dirty hands push away

“Only two at a time

Don’t o’erwhelm her.”

Gentle, but tired

The voice rings out

Tired arms reach down

Hefting up mewling kids

Cuddle three of the small ones

Quiet them and watch

As Mother feeds the other two

Calmer now she’s not rushed

Just another day.

Different, But the Same

She’s quiet

She’s loud

She’s soft

She’s hard

She laughs

She cries

She spins around

She’s never still

She reads

She writes

She never stops

She never starts


Nothing I do will quiet her, but at the same time, she never seems too loud.

My inner voice is quiet the character depending on whose costume she’s currently wearing.

Revisit of the Dungeon Prompt: Inner Voice.

So Dark

It’s so dark out here,

So dark and glorious

The stars peek out

One by one by one

Two and threes and fours

The whole Milky Way swimming by

It’s so dark out here,

So bright and full of stars

The moon shines down

Smiling and giving light

Piercing through the dark

It’s so dark out here

Black and thick

Wrapped around you like a quilt

Protecting you from the light of day

Slumber well at night