I don’t belong to you.

I belong with you.

There’s a very large difference between the two lines.

We don’t belong to each other, but we belong with each other.

We travel together, side by side, neither in front nor behind.

There will be times when one or the other must step forward

And take the brunt of the world, sheltering the other.

But those times will shift and change as we take turns

Because together is more than apart

Even if there will be times when we must part for a moment

Only a moment in time, to gain rest and remember

Just how much better we are together.

I Need A Break

image: Sissy, from martha0stout's phone

image: Sissy, from martha0stout’s phone

This day has been too much

I’d really rather not

Get up and face the day

And worry about this or that

So let me cuddle up

And hide away in your lap

Instead of taking the time

To plan out the rest of the day.

Edge of the Water – Eclectic Corner #9

The edge of the water
coming right up
Can’t see where it starts
Was there a mess up?
The water retreated
The certainly heated
And I found there
Was nothing like here
In my memories
Where I can do as I please
I find that the beach
Is well within reach
Instead I have found
There is more sand that abounds
And there is nothing to see
As the water retreats.
image: martha0stout's phone, Great Salt Lake, Utah

image: martha0stout’s phone, Great Salt Lake, Utah

This poem was inspired by Eclectic Corner #9:  Edge. The picture is from the Great Salt Lake, Utah where we’ve had a very dry last few years even for our desert home. The lake’s been retreating for a while.


Migraine Strikes – Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my nephew who helped me out when a migraine struck me randomly this last week. Without that kid, I would have been sunk.

Why does it hurt so?So much light

Too many voices

Not enough sight


Lights and scents mingle

Sight and sound switch places

Mind is lost as action reigns

Repetitive motions lost among faces

Come this way

Take this rag

I’m always here

Don’t be sad

Can’t do anything right

Keep making mistakes

It just hurts so much

Why keep raising the stakes?

Walk around

Get lost

Take a few steps

Don’t think of the cost

Calm yourself down

I won’t lead you astray

Just take my hand

I’ll help you find your way.


Had a migraine start simmering in my skull a few hours ago, but right in the middle of preparing dinner (my turn) it leaped up and struck. My nephew had to lead me away before I accidentally completely demolished dinner because I had no idea what I was doing. Too many scents and too much light. Don’t worry, dinner was saved by my mom who swooped in and finished it.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (I will add the link when able.)

EDIT: Link updated on April 11, 2015

Anyone Can Be A Hero

Just one person

Is all it takes

Just one person

Can raise the stakes

I’m lonely

And scare

And so very alone

I’m just one person

Out on my own

I look around

Life goes on and on

I never stop

When I see someone

Needing a shoulder to cry on

Too many will look around

See everyone else

Standing there

And think,

“Someone else

Will take care of this.”

Didn’t even know

What I was going to do

I was so confused

Felt I was stuck in glue

No one should have to stand

All alone

When facing the stand

So I stand beside them

Courage shared between strangers

Just one person

Is all it takes

Just one person

To even out the stakes

Me! Me! Me!

They scream in my head all wanting the attention to be on them

They never stop

Some days are worse than others

Me! Me! Me!

Pay attention to Me!

Don’t listen to the others

Just me

(Unless of course I can band the others together

And make you listen to our universe alone

Then we can all be supreme, 

Though my part first as it was my idea)

There is not one

There could never be one

How could an entire universe only consist of one

Maybe there are places where one muse is enough

Where a few muses

One for each genre

Could tackle a whole series of stories with one voice

But not me

Never me

Too many at times

They all want attention

They don’t want to share

For my sanity

They do not care.

Side Effects

Do we ever think about what we are doing?

What are the possible outcomes of actions that we take?

What is the point of our actions if we are not willing to accept the consequences of them?

Is there a point?


Would it be possible to really do something without the consequences?

Would you even want to try?

Would it be worth it if it meant nothing?

 What if you tried it?

Decided that it didn’t matter

Because if you wanted it to matter

Then you wouldn’t have done it

Or you told yourself that

But only to justify your choice

Because you don’t want to see

That you have chosen what to be

Why do I question?

Why do I care?

Honestly guys

This is just too much to bear

 But I want to know what will happen

Should I choose to something do

When the consequences of my actions

Will instead of on me come down on you

That’s not quite right

Because there will consequences be

I thought that the reason behind the action

Was that there would be nothing to see

Side effects can’t be ignored

They can’t be stopped

If you want to make the actions

The consequences will come

Foggy Morning

A fog hovers overhead

Not sure where to go instead

Wander the halls

Lost and feeling small

Just want to rest

Can’t find the best

Way to turn off

My mind, it’ll scoff

Does it not feel

That guilt is real

Is there no way

That I can see day

Because this night

Will keep light

Inside of me

Just let it be!

This was inspired by my inability to sleep last night and yet still waking early (why?!) and also by the revisit of the Dungeon Prompt: Guilt.

Don’t Move, Don’t Stop – SoC

Stream of consciousness

Not knowing where to go

Lost within the mind of slow

Not certain just which direction to take

And so remain in this fallen state.

Now is not the time to act

the mind whispers to the heart

Not knowing the folly taking part

Or maybe not caring

Too scared to act

The heart, never leading

Only following this track.

So the body does not move

And the mind does not grow

And the heart, over time, continues to slow.

Do not get caught

In this delicate trap

Or you as well will be facing this rap.

Written for the Stream of Consciousness prompt found from lindaghill.

Don’t Deliberate – Poetry Prompt #16

Don’t do drugs?
Don’t disappoint?
Describing Disagreements.
Disposable Delicacies,
Disturbing Danger…
Despicable Dares.
Don’t deride,
Don’t dissect,
Don’t ‘debate.’
Don’t doubt
Do dignity.
Decide destiny.

Written for this week’s Poetry Prompt from WeDrink:

Yes, this prompt was hard. I wasn’t certain I could do it, and this actually took me a couple hours to do midst doing some of my daily chores for Tuesday. (Thank goodness today’s only supposed to get 88 degrees F today. I’ve got the oven going all. Day. Long. Today is the supposedly ‘coolest’ day of the week.)