To Feel or Not To Feel – Thankful Thursday

Of all the times this year that I have pulled my hair out over things, wanted to scream in frustration (and actually followed through on that desire), wanted to throw things (but didn’t, because no matter how I throw it, it always ends up hitting me), I am grateful for the ability to feel.

Even when it’s just feeling like I’m going to be sick.

Because not feeling is scarier than feeling like you can’t contain yourself within your own skin.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (I will update the link later, when I’m done with my Nanowrimo writing for the day…or possibly some time next week. Things are busy here.)


Phone Call – One-Liner Wednesday

Don’t you just love it when someone you’ve been waiting to get into contact with finally texts, but for some reason your phone won’t text back, or call and your landline won’t dial out to that ONE NUMBER, but will to everything else under the sun?

It’s been that kind of week.

Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday.

Useless Instructions

“I can’t get this right!” I was tempted to pull my hair in frustration, but knew that would only make things worse.

“Was wong?”

I glanced over to my side and noticed my youngest nephew had leveraged himself up against my side on the bed and was looking at me with his huge brown eyes. I decided, ‘why not?’ and held the new flip phone out to the 20-month old.

“I can’t figure out how to work this thing.”

“Did yous wead the insructions?” he asked.

I held the little book up and nodded, “They didn’t help.”

“He’e wet me.”

I placed the just out of the box flip phone in his little chubby hand and patiently listened as he explained how to work the first cell phone that he had ever held to me.

Later I would blame my incompetence on the pain medication that I’d been prescribed after the surgery.

This little memory is brought to you by this week’s Light and Shade Challenge photo.

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First Step

It’s not anger that is the true villain here

But fiery frustration.

It is the gateway to the greater toxic emotion

But anger isn’t the first step.

Frustration is sometimes a notorious swing

It can move by so fast

That you’re in the anger zone

Before you even know it.

Controlling your anger begins here

When it is still a smaller step.

Don’t let your frustration grow so quickly

That it speeds by without anything to stop it.

Inspired partially by the ongoing fight against lashing back at pre-teens and teenagers and also from last week’s Three Word Wednesday.

And Then…

At first today seemed a cinch.
Right up until it all went wrong.
Good mood is going…going…gone…
How could this happen to me?!

This morning began so bright and full of hope…

And then…

You know, my family likes to refer to certain things as an ‘And then’ moment. Or a series of  ‘And then’ moments.

The cord on my laptop broke. It left a piece of metal stick into the outlet it had been plugged into last night. I (oh foolish one) pulled it out of the outlet with no protective gear, chastising the children for such a safety hazard being left like that. (Yes, the irony of life. The kind children did not point this out to me. Their mother didn’t have a second thought about it; she is not as polite. Yes, I am complaining as she is actually a good person who can been very polite. We just like to snipe at each other.) After pulling it out, I realized it went to my laptop cord.

And then…

We looked up replacing it. Good news! It wouldn’t cost that much! Bad news, still can’t buy the new one for a few weeks.

Went on with life.

Went to check bathroom cleaning work for a child. Had that little stopper lever thing for the sink break in my hand and noticed it was broken down in the sink part as well. Family thought my scream of frustration was hilarious.

And then…

Discovered that the kids had eaten the last of the kit-kat bars and their mother snagged the last peanut butter cup. (The joke is on them, I have thew Reese’s pieces!)

And then…

Went to watch the Saturday morning session of General Conference. T.V. channels no longer work on the T.V. That’s all right! We can hook it up to the desk top!

And then…

Internet stopped working. Reset tower…still didn’t start working again until 15 minutes near the end of the session.

At least we still had one working radio that my niece loves so we got to listen to the talks anyway, even if we got it turned on a little late while we tried to fix the computer.

Moral of the story is: Life is going to happen. Even if the morning started out beautifully (with chasing one cat away from another and trying to get the other to get in the house already it’s freezing you blasted cat!) it can fall right down again and again and again. You’ll notice that I mention several falls that’s because in order to fall again, you have to pick yourself up in between and if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself laughing about the subsequent falls because they really can be that funny.

Enjoy your day! (grins)