Death of Silence – Silly Snippet

Some of the best moments came when you are at home, alone with the silence.

(In the distance you can hear the ruckus of the geese decrying the new additions to the farm.)

Now if only this was one of those days.

We got pigs and while the goats seem fascinated with them, the geese are wondering, not politely or quietly, if we have lost our minds.

Mine! – One-Liner Wednesday

Those geese are extra hissy now that we’ve had to pull the does with newborns out of the pen and put them up in the playhouse with heat lamps (the nights are too cold for tiny goatlings) and they miss their does, because apparently the doe goats belong to the geese and no one else.

Really long run-on sentence there, but it’s been a long week that didn’t want to end.

Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday. (Will update link when able…whenever that will actually come, that is.)

Possessive Snobs – Almost One-Liner Wednesday

So I had to move Gabriel (our buck goat) from one pen to another and unfortunately that meant leading him through the does’ pen (someday, I will have nice little pens for everyone) and he decided to slip my grip (thrice) and try and have several…er…moments…with the does, but the geese (who are sharing the does’ pen because it’s the biggest pen and has enough room so that they can’t harass the ducks) didn’t like that at all, so they chased him off while pulling at his winter coat (they don’t do that to any of the kids or the does who they seem to adore even though the geese are still kind of snobbish to everyone else) because the does weren’t interested in Gabriel.

I think the geese were convinced that Gabe was trying to steal ‘their does.’

I was really trying to make this a One-Liner Wednesday post, but it felt like I was trying too hard with the whole run-on sentence that just felt really forced. So I’m going to call this one and Almost One-Liner Wednesday.

You should still check out the original One-Liner Wednesday though. (Will update link when able.)