You know what I don’t miss? Language Arts homework. You know, that thing that elementary schools give kids before they get to middle and/or high school and they start calling it English class? I hated Language Arts homework from elementary school more than I hated any other type of homework. (Including graphing even though I spent three years of math not learning it due to outside forces conspiring against me and then having to take a big test on graphing with a concussion and the inability to move my neck. At all.)

Anyways, I hated that class. Not the writing part or the reading part or the comprehension parts, just the language arts part. The part where they take a perfectly good sentence and then make you dissect like you’re in some kind of literary biology class. (Although actually dissecting frogs and stuff? Awesome.) Is there ever really a time during adulthood where I’m going to need to know what the difference between an imperative sentence and interrogative sentence are? outside of another English class that may or may not include that homework just for the sake of it? No. I haven’t run into needing to know that one single time since graduating high school and I have been through college.

Several of my siblings have been through enough college that they even get to have a couple fancy initials after their names and they didn’t need to know that either. I know this because I was one of the few that was really good at essay reading and writing and so got conned into double checking all of their homework to make sure it was correct. One of those siblings got a Bachelor’s in Accounting (she liked numbers a lot more than they liked her, but whatever.)

I’m going into this rant because my eldest nephew just spent 20 minutes going over some homework that demanded he know the difference between the two aforementioned sentences as well as a couple other things. I can get the spelling and the grammar (heaven’s knows that several of his aunts and/or uncles could REALLY use some help in that area), but I’m just not seeing the point in the other part.

If anyone else knows of a point besides giving the kids something else to work on (I swear, I’m seeing Algebra appear a lot sooner in their homework than it ever did in mine) then I am willing to listen because I’ve always wondered if there even was a point.

Side note: I am also incredibly grateful for all the effort that teachers put into these lesson plans. I take one look at it all in its entirety and am just in awe. I don’t think I could ever do that and then grade all of the work as well. My rant is in no way meant as being negative towards teachers. I’m aware that it is not really teachers that put together what is and isn’t required for a student to learn. I just wondered at learning the dissection of sentences as a kid and still do as an adult.