Eaves Dropped

“Who would name something ‘Fluffy’?”

“I did, I named a dog Fluffy.”


Just a little bit of a conversation I overheard between my eldest nephew and my mom. It was hilarious to the partially asleep me when I heard it.


Second Verse – Thankful Thursday

Since last Thursday I have decided that I like this prompt. No, I don’t like it, I love it and I need it. It really turned my day around and I was better for having found it. So I decided to do it again!

I am thankful for:

Accepting the extra party guests
(only supposed to have 2 friends plus 5 cousins…ended up with over 20 kids in a duplex)


Christmas morning cuddles


Peace between mother and daughter


Peace between siblings
(they both belong to my sister)


Time with Grandma
images from: martha0stout’s phone

Again I post only a small collection of things I’m grateful for and I look forward to this next week. It really gives me a better view on my life!

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