So everything is going great
United beyaond your own fate.
Children grown and
Children gone, yet
Everyone is still there to get
Success will come for all to see,
So do not hesitate to be.
You can’t fail…
For failure only comes
Along, when you give up.
I know that it’s hard, yet.
Longing fills your soul still;
Until the victory is yours,
Remember that you’ll surley fail
Especially if you never try to avail.
Failure is not an option if you have any options in the first place.

Written for Traces of the Soul’s prompt this week: http://tracesofthesoul.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/reflections-traces-of-the-soul/#like-9567

Like her, I too was missing the DungeonPrompt for this week as the Steward for The Seeker’s Dungeon has gone on a journey. He’ll be back, but until then there are no prompts… (*looks sad)

So I’m glad that someone else put up a prompt randomly for this week!