Betrayal – Eclectic Corner #11

Mud between the toes

This room is full of betrayal

Quick clean in the sink

image: Iris, from martha0stout's phone

image: Iris, from martha0stout’s phone

How could this happen to me?
I made my mistakes,
Got nowhere to run.
–from Untitled by Simple Plan

I’m throwing in all three parts of this month’s Eclectic Corner #11: Momentarily at the same time due to being so incredibly late in getting it up at all…

Memories to Make Together – Eclectic Corner #8

image: from martha0stout's phone

image: from martha0stout’s phone

Walk with me through life

It will certainly be sweet

Together we’ll grow.

This was how my newest brother-in-law asked my youngest sister to marry him almost a year and a half ago. He took her to where they met, our elementary school, and they walked around it reminiscing while his sister quickly set this up on a chair near where we would all leave the school to walk home together.

He had promised her a cookie a few weeks earlier when she’d been craving them.

After opening the box and seeing this, she turned around to find him down on one knee.

This is the picture that caught my eye when I went looking through my pictures for Eclectic Corner #8: Splash of Colour.


Wake up early dawn
Don’t have time to complain here
Have to get to work.
Couldn’t sleep last night
Woke up before the sky brightens
Manage to smile.
Come home at the end
Kick off shoes and change your shirt
Pull on comfy tee.
Kick back, close your eyes
Breathe in and laugh out loud now
Keep eyes closed and smile.
Listen to the noise
Remember why you’re going
Hear heart memories.

 This poem is less about me and more about my sister. She’s an awesome lady.


Shine Where You Stand

The girls gossiped all around him, wondering why he was there. He stood solitary and alone, far enough away that they could pretend he wasn’t the focus of their words. He stood straight and tall, he wasn’t about to let their poisonous whispers bother him. So he was different? So he would never really fit in?

So what?

There was more to life than being one of the crowd.

He could shine just fine all on his own.

image: martha0stout's phone
image: martha0stout’s phone
Watching the clouds go slowly,
Alone and yet not.
Life is what you make it, choose.

Guard Spires – Poetry Prompt #15

File:Van Gogh - Starry Night - Google Art Project.jpg
image: “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh
 Time stands suspended,
Lights slow in movement, I see
Happiness is more.
Below the moon rests
People after day of work.
Dreams are so fluid.
Color glint spires
Twist up into the night sky
And guard the dreamers.

Written for the WeDrink Poetry Prompt this week:

I love stars and anything to do with the sky…

Maniac Running – Poetry Prompt #10

He runs and runs fast.
Maniac many call him.
Finally finds home.

Written for this week’s WeDrinkPoetry prompt:

Took me a moment to think about it, but when I did I chose Mania Magee by Jerry Spinelli. It’s a book that one of my elder sisters first read to me when I was learning how to read chapter books way back in early elementary school. I have since read it every single year that I was in public schooling and the first few years of college.

Not Ready – #4 Poetry Prompt

The light bleeds inside
Time has slipped me by a ways
No summer yet please!
image: from martha0stout’s phone

Written for Pooky’s poetry prompt for today:

The picture is of one of my sister’s cats from a few years ago; her name was Miri and she was adorable.