Answer to Bunches of Wrinkles

I am so sorry! I completely forgot to post this when I posted my other thing for today. (looks sheepish)

So here is the answer for Bunches of Wrinkles:


image: from martha0stout’s phone


This was the picture that I used and I had a lot of good guesses that came really close!

image: from martha0stout's phone, my niece Hazel

image: from martha0stout’s phone, my niece Hazel

There’s the shot it came from! That’s my second eldest niece when she was six or so with her hair done up in rag curlers by her Granny Mary.


Sister Starts – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for many things, but mostly I’m grateful that I’m still here and that I have my family with me. Today is a little different because today is sort of the day that we begin.

It’s not my parents’ anniversary, it’s not the day they met. No, today is different.

Today is the day that my eldest sister, the first of my parents’ children, was born. We, the children (or the Siblings, as we call each other now that there are children running around our feet too) began today and we lasted a good long while (my parents had children for over a decade).

But my eldest sister was the first.


So I am grateful for her, even when we don’t get along and we just want to throttle one another, I love her and am thankful for what she has taught me throughout my life. (She is the reason I know how to do hair in any way, though I still have a lot of practice to do.)

Look for the original Thankful Thursday here:

Drought Hair

I don’t know how the weather is around the world, but there was a report released in my home state this week. I didn’t find it online, my mother read about it in the newspaper (which we get for two reasons: 1) for Mom and 2) for comics) and shared it with me. I can’t find the actual article again. (Which just means I don’t want to sift through my giant old newspaper pile that I’m saving for when we move and need to wrap all the dishes.)

The gist of the report was that the drought is not getting better, it’s not even staying the same like it has for the past few years. No, it’s getting worse.


So we had a small family gathering of everyone in the house just before dinner (and it is small compared to family gatherings in the past. There were only six of us there, which is the whole of us who currently live together, but we’ve had a total of 12-ish (maybe 13?) people in one house before.) And it was decided that all showers would drop to 10 minutes (which really only effects my sister and her daughter; they take really long showers…) and that we will all be having short hair so that we can actually get all the way clean while showering.

My niece was devastated. She’s been trying to grow her hair out for a few years. My nephews were divided on the issue; one of them wants shorter hair and the other hates haircuts because he doesn’t want to sit still long enough for them.

I’ve actually been planning on cutting my ridiculously long hair for a while, but that’s more because of something I discovered when I was a teen.

Many salons donate long enough, undyed hair to organizations like Locks of Love. Some salons will even give you the haircut for free. Not all of them, but some and even if they don’t, I’ve found that I like to donate. I’ve never cared all that much about hair, as long as it’s clean and out of my face I’ve been fine with it. ¬†There are, of course, different non-profits ( for donating hair and you can really pick which you like so long as you meet the requirements (which only change the length of donated hair and how it’s been treated or permed or dyed or what have you.)

Either way, this weekend I’ve got to make an appointment for a hair cut. Whether the donation makes it free or not I like to donate because then the hair is being used and I was just going to throw it away anyway. (shrugs)