Looking Back – Thankful Thursday

Today is the week after Christmas, but like most of my posts was written long before this day actually arrived. I have found, though, that things I am grateful for one day I am still thankful for on another even if it’s not the thing that’s at the forefront of my mind.

I’m still thankful for my family (each of the, even the annoying ones) right now just as much as I have been on specific days that I’ve mentioned them.

I’m still grateful for the animals that make up the farm now that it’s winter and the garden’s not growing. (Even if it’s pitch black outside when we go out to milk the goats and feed everyone.)

I’m still grateful for the rain that we have received off and on this year. (And the snow, we really need water stored underground and it’ll soak down into the aquifer once spring arrives.)

I’m still grateful for the wonderful homemade food that’s here. (Even if I’m once again banned from using the oven.)

I’m still grateful for the canning that going on. (Likely even still the week this is going up. You can year-long if that’s a major source of food and you’re able to get the produce necessary.)

I’m still grateful for everything that I have mentioned in previous posts for Thankful Thursday even if I haven’t mentioned them specifically already. (Because there’s only so much time to mention things when I’m on a time limit for how much internet access I have.)

That doesn’t mean that I’m not grateful for this entire year that has come and gone. (Even if this is the very last Thursday of 2015.)

Most of all, I’m grateful for the day I stumbled upon my first Thankful Thursday post. It has changed my life. So thank you, my friend, thank you for starting this thing that has brought me so much joy. I can only hope it has done so for others as it has done so for me and if you haven’t already been there, (smiles) make sure to check out this week’s Thankful Thursday. (And yes, someday, when I have time and home internet, I will go back and update all of my links to the correct ones.)

Bringer of Joy – Thankful Thursday

How often have you been there for me?

And dried up my tears no matter how bitter they be

Perhaps someday I can be like you

Picking children who’ve fallen because that’s what you’d do

Inching closer during times of prayer

Not stopping until your love was felt through the clothing layer

Especially when fears are whispered into the night

Searching for reassurance that everything will be alright

So I hope that I can spread the joy that you did even when confined to bed.


Today I am thankful for my mother and for all that she has done, does and likely will do throughout my life. She is an awesome woman.

image: my mom in California, from my sister's old phone

image: my mom in California, from my sister’s old phone

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Drum Roll, Please – Thankful Thursday

Last weekend we were at the local D.I. (Deseret Industries, it’s a thrift store for those that don’t know) when my nephew saw the most glorious creation. An air-pop popcorn popper. The kids are VERY good at popping popcorn on the stove. I am not so good at this and so much ask (very nicely, with maybe some bribes-er-REWARDS now and then) to have some.

We now have a popcorn popper.

And the people REJOICED! (cheers)

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link when able.)

Sissy Resting – Thankful Thursday

image: martha0stout's phone, Sissy sleeping
image: martha0stout’s phone, Sissy sleeping

Today I am thankful for Sissy and her naps. She likes to snuggle up against you sometimes when she sleeps and she’s warm and soft.

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Sorry this is so short, but I wanted to get it in because I love doing this every Thursday.

Challenges – Thankful Thursday

Sometimes, God puts you on your back so the only place you can look is up. –Skye Alexander, What happens when the fearful finally listen? Peace.

image: martha0stout's phone
image: martha0stout’s phone

Today I am grateful for the challenges in my life, without them I wouldn’t be who I am.

For my constant headaches which have taught me tolerance and empathy.

For my constant dizziness and vertigo, for letting me dance without moving.

For my early morning waking up to walk Sissy because I can watch the sunrise with a good friend.

For my constant spraining of my ankles as a child because now when my nieces and nephews do so, I know what to do and have wraps and splints saved in good condition.

For my funny reaction to sugar, because it can make my niece laugh even when she’s been bullied horribly at school. (Note: this happened several years ago, she’s doing much better now.)

For my being unable to drive, because it means I appreciate my family all the more when we run errands together.

For the nights spent trying to get baby nieces and nephews to go to sleep because now I appreciate all the better the hours that I get to sleep when they’re older.

For the loss of a my cat after moving because if I had not had recent experience, I would not have payed as much attention to missing pet posters.

For all the years with clothing not fitting properly, because it made me more eager to learn how to sew from my mother to fix them.

For all the sorrows in my life, because they have made more willing to give someone who is late or doesn’t even show up the benefit of the doubt when life happens to them too.

I am grateful for my life trials because without them, I would be a very different person than I am now and I like who I am.

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Gold Inside

She watched them as they broke down together, tears running down their faces and their noses turning red.

Some people can cry and still look quote beautiful, others can get away with looking ‘ok’ while their composure is lost. Others look like a complete wreck.

This couple was one of those last, but it didn’t matter, not to them.

Their twins would survive being two months early. They could look like crap all they wanted because inside they were filled with pure gold.

Little ditty inspired by my sister and her husband when their little boys came out of the ICU.

This Summer’s Past – Thankful Thursday

It’s been an interesting summer, one that is both similar to ones in the past and yet very different as well. Am I sad to see it go? Not really. It was a beautiful time and it brought with it many new challenges as well as times of rest that were sorely needed, but it is time to move forward once more.

So this week, I am grateful for both the things that have happened through this last summer as well as the things that only started happening once the summer break was over, which include the following:

Summer school with my niece is over, just in time for regular school.

image: niece working on a worksheet I put together

Seeing the sky after a furious summer storm that included a huge amount of hale.

image: outside the front door and straight up
image: outside the front door and straight up

Learning how to squeeze on a twin mattress with a large dog during thunder storms.

image: Sissy on my bed
image: Sissy on my bed

Eagerly waiting for the kids to get home from school.

image: Sissy at the backdoor
image: Sissy at the backdoor

These are only a few things that have gone by and I’m sure you’ve noticed a large amount of them have our new dog Sissy in them. We only got her this last summer as well even though we’ve known her for a long time. She and the cats have slowly been learning to get along, another thing I’m grateful for.

I hope that this next year is as wonderful as the last one has been.

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