In Humility, Serve

Humanity is of the world, humility is of the Lord.


How often do you fall down?

Useless and feeling like a frown?

Maybe this life just wasn’t for you

And giving up is the thing to do

Not realizing just what that says

Intimating that you’re the only one who pays

To think that no one will mourn your loss

You think nothing of the true cost


How often will He pick you up?

Unrelenting in His drive to help you at His table sup?

Mayhap you will find it not so hard to find

Indeed, reaching out for aid when in a bind

Letting others see how weak you are

It isn’t something the help you should let bar

To those who will lend aid you might find

You have helped them their own hurts to bind


WARNING: Arrogance Ahead

Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain. –Friedrich Schiller

So you think you know more than me?
There’s no way that can be true.
Unless you have managed to learn and
Partake of the humility fruit.
It’s nectar is sweet as the morning dew.
Don’t forget that arrogance can regrow, so
It behooves you to work to be humble.
There is never a cure for this disease
Yet people insist this is not so.

Little thing inspired by yesterday’s prompt from the Light and Shade Challenge.