Mine! – One-Liner Wednesday

That’s MY seat!

image: Cotton and Oz, from martha0stout's phone
image: Cotton and Oz, from martha0stout’s phone

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Another Day

“We’re having a party! An international party! We’re having a party, of work well done!” The woman twirled around the room, idly singing songs she’d learned throughout her early childhood from various shows no longer on. “We’re having a party and we’re having a ball!”

Today had been a good day, a slow day and a slightly aggravating day all rolled into one. Then again, that was fairly normal as no one day was ever just one thing. It was always several things all at the same time no matter how clashing any of the many things might be to one another.

On the upside, her legs no longer ached after sitting for more than three minutes in a row and she didn’t have to spend five minutes, minimum, stretching out the calf muscles from their overexertion from previous days.

On the downside, the room was startlingly cold, not just chilly like it was for most everyone else in the house. No, it was cold enough to need extra socks, a sweater and a blanket wrapped around her freezing body, hands rubbing against one another randomly to generate more heat.

When not spinning around, she was unaccountably dizzy. When spinning around, her center of balance was perfect.

Meh, another day in the life.

Home Sweet Home – Poetry Prompt #18

Home, home on a range
Where the Samanthas and the Levis
Run down to McDonald’s in their underwear.
Where seldom is heard
Martha not saying a word,
And the grownups have all gone insane!

This was written back when I was a little girl, by me! (I was an annoying little thing back then…) I remembered this little ditty I used to sing (at the top of my lungs) when I saw the Poetry Prompt from WeDrink this morning.

Hope it was humorous in some way.