Tattoo Shop – Day Nine

The one place parents don’t want their children to go.
At times anyone whose been here is looked down upon.
There is more to this place than meets the eye.
The people here have a heart of gold,
Only their skin is tye-dyed.
Of their cause I had to write.
Strong emotions filled my heart when I heard
How they reach out to those in need.
Of their time and money they give freely
Paying true to the words: Love all mankind.

This was inspired by something I found in the news this morning. A tattoo parlor that raises money for four to five different causes every year at least. The Death or Glory Tattoos shop is owned by Anna and Earnest Dick and their story touched my heart this morning especially after reading about the stabbing in the school in Pennsylvania (where awesome students and school officials were able to make sure that no one was killed and all who were injured were taken care of).

I keep having to stop typing to calm down so I don’t cry.

This couple raise money not only from their own donations, but also by asking around for any other company that want to donate a service or product for a raffle that they hold in their tattoo parlor. Look them up on Facebook and check them out, Death or Glory Tattoos. They are worth looking into.

This is also my offering for today’s NaPoWriMo (


True Beauty

Run around, make sure everything is picked up,

Get the dresses, get the tables, get the bows.

Take three different takes to get your eyes on,

End up not using the same colors for everything.

Are the dresses here?

Are they clean?

Do we have the arch and the aisle lined up just right?

Did you get the licence?

Did you get your shoes?

He gets suited up,

She slips her dress on,

Hair pressed just right.

Take her father’s arm for the last time.

Music starts,

Everyone stands up.

Try not to cry,

Cry anyway.

Do you take this man?

I do.

Do you take this woman?

I do.

My baby sister got married yesterday. Everyone woke up early and stayed late to clean up. We started at 7 and ended at 9. A few things went wrong, but they will never be remembered. All I will ever think of is how resplendent my sister looked with her hands in her husbands as they exchanged rings for the first and the last time. They were so beautiful together and so very happy in their first dance.