To Begin After An End

It had been so long since she’d seen her sister. In a way her sister was no longer the littler sister, but the bigger one simply because she had sealed her own abilities and allowed her body to grow at a more ‘natural’ rate. It wasn’t a natural rate for their kind, but it was a natural rate for the sentient life forms that they had grown up around.

Comet had always wanted a different life from the one they had been born to lead. Star had come to accept this and had mourned with her sister when it became apparent that Comet would never be able to do so.

That had all changed when the Final War, the Galactic War was over. Comet had been broken in a way that many did not survive. If the sisters had not been built the way that they had then it was likely that Comet would have lost her physical life and been nothing more than cosmic dust floating through the universe in several billion little pieces. But Comet hadn’t, she had survived even if she would never be able to completely live as the Guardian that she had been before the War.

Star had spent untold decades, maybe even centuries, looking for anything that might help her sister. She didn’t really pay all that much attention to how long it took her to find what little she could and then fashion the rest of the way by herself and what little any of the others could help with. In the end, it had taken too long in order to restore her sister to any kind of healthy state and nothing anyone said would convince her otherwise.

It would have gone perfectly, she would have had her sister back if there hadn’t been a sacrifice required at the end.

She would have to send her sister somewhere else. To a place where Star would never be allowed to go save for dire circumstances and even then it was a close call.

There was no decision to be made even with her Queen’s sad and gentle eyes looking down at her.

“If it will save Comet and allow her to actually¬†live, my Queen, then there is no choice to be made.”

Written for last week’s FreeWriteFriday prompt as this is what came to mind.

This is an ongoing story written from different perspectives at different points so this isn’t the end unless you want it to be.