Nobody – Serious Snippet

Maybe I’m not running from you. –Selina Kyle, from The Dark Knight Rises


Sometimes he wondered just why he’d come back at all. Nobody here really seemed to trust him and those that did trust him were pretty untrustworthy themselves from what experience with them he’d had. Most times there didn’t seem to be anything here for him. No reason to keep going as everyone he knew from Before was dead and gone or…

Erased and gone.

By his own actions.

The Illusion Master placed his head in his hands and kept the tears trailing down his face from pulling sounds from his throat.

As he was alone, no one would ever know how successful he was.

(There was no one to care either.)



I’ll find strength in pain. –‘The Cave’ by Mumford and Sons


The Illusion Master had no name, not anymore. He’d had one once, long ago, but at the same time fairly recently.

It was a little confusing to people who didn’t know him personally.

He was a very confusing individual, which was part of the reason his title (and name for many) dealt with illusions. No one was quite as good at dodging the truth as he was.

Not that he enjoyed deceiving people, but it was what he was good at and what he could do in order to protect others. He may be the second most unusual member of the Guardians, but he was just as effective as the more ‘normal’ members of the group. Of course, if he hadn’t done his duty, then there wouldn’t be a group for anyone to be in at all.

He was both from the past and from a future that no longer was. That was why he was so unusual when compared to most everyone else in the Guardians.

He had come from a different future, one where the Chaos War was not a war, but a Massacre that had taken every single Guardian and twisted those that did not die immediately into things that would destroy those they had sworn to protect. There had been no one to fight back.

There had been a small chance that they could stop it where it began, but they would need to send someone back who wasn’t there when it started. It couldn’t be anyone that could accidentally stop their own chance from being born either otherwise they risked a paradox taking place.

Chaos didn’t need any additional fuel to It’s monstrous strength.

There had been three of them left at that point.

The Lunar Monarch, her Seer and the Illusion Master.

It had been enough, but it also left the Illusion Master as a strange outlier from another time and another place no matter when or where he was. Because no one else fully remembered what could have happened except what he had told others.

He wouldn’t tell anyone everything. They didn’t need the same shadows of Chaos at the edge of their thoughts like he had.


One of the stupidest things she’d ever done was taking too long to realize how he’d felt about her. It wasn’t the stupidest because, honestly? There was a really long list of things that could and did qualify for that, but picking out of the many options was impossible.

But that wasn’t the point.

She was an idiot and she had hurt someone who was dear to her in an immeasurable way and she didn’t know what to do to fix it.

If it could even be fixed in the first place. That was how badly she had screwed up, because she didn’t even know if anything could be done.

Little snippets seem to be the order for this universe at the moment. Just so as not to be confusing, this isn’t about Star or Comet like it usually is, this is a little snippet from Solaris’s POV before she becomes queen. Waaaaay before she becomes queen.

Wretched Ecstasy

How do you continue to work when the one you love is forever out of your reach?

It was a normal day. The sun was up, the sky was clear of cloud cover, though there was supposed to be a shower later in the afternoon, but one of those happy, sun-filled showers that always rejuvenated a person rather than bring them into the blues. Nothing of particular importance was happening that day, but neither was it a day full of boring events.

But it was another day of torture for all its simple beauty by simple virtue of the fact that today of all days it was his turn as guard. He loved his queen, always had and, likely always would. It wasn’t something that was truly surprising to anyone who really knew him. It was just a fact of life. The sky is blue. The sun brings warmth to the land in the day while the night cools it off just enough. The Illusion Master was in love with the Sol Queen. The grass was green in the summer and covered in snow in the winter.

Just another fact of life that was always there now and would always be there in the future.

His fellow Guards knew and the King knew as well. Even those who guarded the Moon Queen knew, though they didn’t gossip about it. (Well, all right, a few of them gossiped about it amongst themselves but only with those who were Guards the same as he. Even though they were for different Phases of the Day there was too much respect for it to be anything malicious.)

The Illusion Master (his name long gone from years of service and devotion to his Queen) did not know if his queen knew of his feelings. It wouldn’t have mattered had she known for she was a gentle soul, much like her counterpart the Moon Queen, though she was far more fierce in battle.

After all, the sun gave its gentle warmth to the Earth to nurture it, but it could just as easily have a sudden flare that scorched that same glowing orb below.

This character is new (I think) to my blog, but he’s been in this story’s universe almost as long as Comet and Star.

Wait For It…

It didn’t seem to matter how long something took to happen, the point was that it happened. You just had to wait for it.

Of course, that wasn’t all of it. Oh no, that would be too easy.

What you had to do was to prepare and prepare and prepare and be ready to jump at faster than an instant’s notice, but to then spend an eternity waiting for that instant to happen.

The hardest part wasn’t always the waiting, because as long as you were ready then the waiting wasn’t too bad. Plus, there were lots of things to do during the waiting time. You could read or write or draw or play games or even just rest.

No, the hardest part was staying ready while you were waiting. It was difficult, it was annoying and, more than everything else put together, it was just plain exhausting.

It was trying to remain focused while also resting in a way that let your mind wander. It wasn’t something that could stay indefinitely, but it was expected to stay like that while you waited, no matter how long you waited.

Of course, chasing around someone who was on a constant sugar high while you were waiting (especially when they were supposed to be the more ‘mature one’ or whatever) made the waiting even more difficult.

Sometimes, he thought to himself as he watched his female counterpart pounce all over the room at the speed of light (literally), It just isn’t worth getting up in the morning.

And yes, she wasn’t bouncing, she was definitely pouncing. What was she pouncing? The little flecks of dust illuminated in the beams of sunlight.

Why did I think this was a good idea again?

This little snippet was inspired by the Dungeon Prompt: Myth Making and it is supposed to be about Star and Illusion Master who are from my Former Guardian universe. There would have been more to the story, explaining what they were waiting for but my brain is a little dead at the moment and not awake enough to think about this snippet much longer. My apologies.

But yes, most of my life has been ‘hurry up, get ready now wait for it…’