Death of an Appliance – Day One

Busted and destroyed,
Really could this have happened in
Only ten minutes?
Kilter has been thrown
Even though things aren’t completely gone.
News of the mixer’s demise will be met with grief.

Written in part for NaPoWriMo:

I’ve taken part in different prompts and challenges, but the only month-long challenge I’ve ever taken part in is NaNoWriMo which is in November. I don’t know if I will write a poem for every day of April, but after my mixer broke (in the middle of kneading the bread dough!) I decided that I was going to post a poem about it to help me feel a little better (and it does, a little.)


I’m so tired…

She stared at the sleeping figures all around her as a dim light from the windows cast somewhat comforting shadows across the room. It was the third night in a row of trying to sleep without the aid of her sleeping medicine. Things were slowly, but progressively getting worse.

The first night she had slept maybe four hours before finally giving up and going about the day anyway. The second night she had managed to sleep for almost seven hours with the aid of the bubblies. The third night sleep was almost there before she randomly stopped breathing often enough that her body would start seizing in its pathetic attempt to start processing oxygen again. After the fourth time that night, she’d given up and simply lay in bed with random moments of wandering throughout the rest of the house to look at her sleeping family.

She felt like a small child faced with a giant bear that wasn’t sure if it wanted to cuddle the toddler in front of it or smack the offending creature into the nearest tree with a bone-shattering roar.

Based off of last week’s prompt for FreeWriteFriday.