Heart Broken

I’m not enough for anyone to want

Not to love or hold or care for

A useless being for all involved

Don’t you see that no one will want me?

Even as you look and smile

Quietly unaware because I can’t bear to tell

Unintentionally I have let you think I am worth something

All because I could not break that smile

To do anything to stop the direction of it to me

Eventually, you will know the truth, and that breaks my heart


I was reading this book and this one character was just being heartbreaking in my head. After only a few paragraphs reading about him, this popped out.

This kid, he just can’t see that he’s worth anything. It’s not that his parents don’t love him. The society he lives in is kind of split between these two different types of people and his parents are from one type while he’s from the other (he’s adopted, but they didn’t even know his name or who his parents were before some point later in the story because of reasons). The type that he’s from have classes amongst them and from what he can tell, he’s from the lowest class that no one is going to want anything to do with. He doesn’t have the heart to tell his parents this and that this means that he had absolutely no chance of finding someone to be with and start a family with.

And then someone does pick him, wants him and is from the highest class. That girl has her work cut out for her. Seriously.