Dented Bucket List – Don’t Give Up

Recently I… I don’t want to say ‘found’ because I didn’t find this blog. A friend found it and reblogged from it, bringing it to my attention. I’ve seen people get taken down for something that they didn’t do. I’ve seen them be persecuted and prosecuted while being innocent.

People can do their best and still be left with more than the bill, they can get left with the bill while not even knowing they were a part of the party.

Here is my ‘dented bucket list.’

  • Permanently dye my hair bright pink.
  • Litter on purpose.
  • Purposefully kill someone’s plants.
  • Mistake 4 tsp. for 4 tbs…again.
  • Throw an instrument away.
  • Purposefully break/damage another’s property.
  • Abandon someone (human or animal).
  • Burn something down.
  • Give up. Give in to despair.

Even if you lose the fight, don’t let them make you lose your spirit and your hope.



Gone are the days that I care

Unrelenting is my need for what I want

Ignorance is something that I lack

Loyalty means nothing unless it is to me

Totally consumed by this mentality I am

Your love is no longer enough.

Which are you?

I will always listen to my heart

Never will I betray my principles

No lie shall pass my lips

On my honor it shall be

Critics will be heard, but I will keep my own counsel

Entropy isn’t just for life

Not going to deny who I am

To understand the difference between honesty and integrity.