Revolves Around You

“You are adorably ignorant of how much my world revolves around you.”


Sometimes Alex wondered what it would have been like to have fallen in love with Mary instead of seeing her as his sister. It wasn’t like he couldn’t have gone that route to protect her instead of the sibling route. They had no actual blood relation and they hadn’t even grown up together.

But he hadn’t jumped for that and not because it would have been even more difficult to keep her out of the limelight as his wife than as his sister either. Plenty of others who were as high profile (or higher) than Alex had been able to marry and keep their spouse from being mobbed by the public. It wasn’t that difficult of a thing to do and yet…

He hadn’t even considered it.

That didn’t mean that she wasn’t the most important person in his life, far from it, it just meant that he didn’t love her that way.

Though, to be honest, Alex wasn’t even certain that he was capable of loving someone in the way that a man loves a woman and a woman loves a man. He’d tried it in the past and it had never ended well. Even in the midst of a marriage, he had been on the outside looking in and he had hated it more than just about anything else.

So when Mary had been handed to him to protect, he’d gone for the sister route instead of the love at first sight route even though he had loved her at first sight.

Still did, even though she was happily married and, somehow, expecting a baby with her husband. Alex wasn’t even jealous of them, if anything he was just as excited as they were for the baby to be born.

He was also trying to find out just how the baby had come to be in existence in the first place as well because if someone was trying to use his sister and her family for something…

Well, let’s just say that he would use his not inconsiderable assets and resources to stop them.




Finally I have found my place
Or has it found me?
Reading and writing have ever been my escape.
What are you selling?
Silently, yet with presence, words have come.
Another day has come and gone
Little did I know that this is what would be done.
Even should I only have a piece of paper and a pen.
Well, what are you buying?
For often it is only for a little while;
Only for today will I use this.
Ready or not, the ideas will come.
Please don’t feed the plot bunnies.
Reality is fluid, but only for a moment.
Even still I put my pen to the paper
Not yet knowing what words will flow.
Thinking that once written, they will leave me be.
They don’t need any help!

Written for this week’s DungeonPrompt:

Also, in a it of an homage to a story that was supposed to be a one off several years ago, but then was fed by reviewers on another site. That story is still going strong and I wonder how it went from a short little introspective piece to an actual plot line.



Gone are the days that I care

Unrelenting is my need for what I want

Ignorance is something that I lack

Loyalty means nothing unless it is to me

Totally consumed by this mentality I am

Your love is no longer enough.

Which are you?

I will always listen to my heart

Never will I betray my principles

No lie shall pass my lips

On my honor it shall be

Critics will be heard, but I will keep my own counsel

Entropy isn’t just for life

Not going to deny who I am

To understand the difference between honesty and integrity.