Pillow Talk – Poetry Prompt 7

Now don’t forget that night will come,
Insidious though your thoughts may be.
Gone will be your thoughts of peace
Here to stay are thoughts full of grease
To keep you awake all night without lease.
Sweet Dreams?
Take courage now and remember
Even should the dreams continue to come,
Remember that they cannot follow you where
Reality is, for they are not physical.
Only you can allow them power over your mind.
Remember always that in the end it is you who holds control.
So keep in mind when awake at night that you hold the power.
Angels on pillows.
Don’t forget one last thing,
Reminded I was of everything.
Everything is not so easily controlled,
At best your dreams you’ll try to stroll.
My prayers will be included
So my dreams may not be deluded.

Written for Pooky’s prompt today: http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/poetry-prompt-7-an-antidote-to-nightmares/