Little Pleasures – Thankful Thursday

I am grateful for jam today. Not entirely sure why, but I’m pretty certain life would feel a little less without it.

Just a litle bit more
And maybe a snack here or there
My mouth waters as I bite down.
image: from Wiki Commons, Ibán Yarza, on April 2005

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Well-Deserved Munchies

She tiredly placed the slabs of bread into the toaster and then while they fused better together, she gathered up the jar of peanut butter and pulled the glass jar of strawberry preserves from the refrigerator. Once the toast was finished, she combined the ingredients slowly, still worn out from kneading the dough an hour ago.

With a glass of milk to finish it off, she tucked into her well-deserved lunch.

Written for Suzie’s Weekly Word Challenge:

My morning, like most Tuesdays for me, began with making bread dough as today is my Baking Day. Unfortunately, I’m still rather worn out from yesterday’s swimming so I probably won’t get as many batches made up as I normally do.