Know Thyself

‘Til that moment I never knew myself. –Elizabeth Bennet, A&E’s version of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice


It was so simple; he wondered why he hadn’t realized it before.

Being Chaos-souled didn’t mean you were evil or even particularly influenced towards doing things that could be considered evil, and not just because there was no such thing in real life as ‘evil.’ He wouldn’t go so far as to say anything about there only being power, but there was a grain of truth in the fact that there was no good nor any evil in the world.

There was simply Chaos and Order, nothing more and nothing less.

You could be more inclined to Order, but everyone had Chaos in them even if it wasn’t what gave them life in the same way as it gave life to the Chaos-souled. You could never be only one versus the other; there would always be a mix.

So why should they be trying to destroy Chaos? Why should they not be welcoming Her to join them just as they welcomed Order into their lives?

It was madness to try and destroy one of the stabilizing influences in the universe and yet that was what the Guardians and the Queens and the Galactic Alliance was trying to do.

He knew then what he had to do.

He had to find Her.