You can’t miss what you never had.

This wasn’t, strictly speaking, true. You could miss something that you’ve never had. 

He pulled on his gloves and reached for the top hat, making certain that it was on properly and wouldn’t come loose even when he should step up into the waiting carriage by the door.

“You should have done this years ago!”

“I know! But finding the right time was simply exhausting. We were having too much fun just being in love!”

His thoughts strayed back to the lovely little thing that had been on his brother’s arm, her veil still cascading down her back and only adding a delightful fog to her ebony hair.

It’s perfectly possible to miss something you’ve never had, especially if you can still look at it from the outside so often.

The carriage drove past a lamppost and he looked out at it, feeling a kinship with the loneliest thing on the planet.

This little snippet was inspired by the FreeWriteFriday prompt from this last Friday.


Shine Where You Stand

The girls gossiped all around him, wondering why he was there. He stood solitary and alone, far enough away that they could pretend he wasn’t the focus of their words. He stood straight and tall, he wasn’t about to let their poisonous whispers bother him. So he was different? So he would never really fit in?

So what?

There was more to life than being one of the crowd.

He could shine just fine all on his own.

image: martha0stout's phone
image: martha0stout’s phone
Watching the clouds go slowly,
Alone and yet not.
Life is what you make it, choose.